Tekashi 69 Sporting Fresh Lace Front On House Arrest

Doing what many of us can’t do on lockdown, Tekashi 69 is one of the few people who is getting his hair done. While currently serving the rest of his two-year sentence on house arrest, Tekashi took to the Gram to show off his fresh lace front wig done by none other than famed hair stylist and social media personality, Jonathan Wright.

He’s known on IG as “Iam_Jonathan” and has styled the likes of Megan Thee Stallion and Jordyn Woods, as well as Tekashi’s girlfriend Jade.With Tekashi known for his rainbow hair, he didn’t stray too far from his signature look. But Tekashi’s new lace definitely gave him some fresh colors and some new braids.

This isn’t the first time Tekashi has played in one of Jonathan’s wigs. Just last week, amid all the commotion during his return to Instagram since his early release from prison, Tekashi was spotted in another one of Jonathan’s looks.

This wig appeared to be Lakers inspired, with purple and gold braids.

In addition to the new hair, Tekashi has been overall acting up on the Gram since his early release from prison. He broke records when he went live on IG, reaching a viewership of 2 million while ranting about loyalty and why he decided to cooperate with the feds in his racketeering case.

While he’s doing his thing and releasing new music, he may want to consider toning it down and keeping a low profile as he’s already had to relocate at least once after his location was reportedly compromised.

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