What are the Factors Affecting Your Blood-Sugar Levels?

Maintaining your blood sugar level is a complex task mainly due to the fact that it can get affected by a number of your daily activities.

Maintaining your blood sugar level is a complex task mainly due to the fact that it can get affected by a number of your daily activities. That is why it is important that you are aware of how some of the things you do affects your blood sugar:

1. Food

Having a healthy diet is the most important factor if you want to take care of your health. The different types of foods you consume have different effects on your blood sugar. To eat food that helps you tackle your blood sugar levels, here is what you must know:

Limit your carbohydrate intake: Consume excessive carbohydrate foods is often the reason behind increased sugar levels in the body. If you are already suffering from diabetes, you must strictly restrict your carbohydrate consumption to avoid the repercussions of high sugar levels. And if you are trying to prevent diabetes, include small portions of carbohydrates that your body requires for energy.

Consume a balanced diet: Your daily diet must consist of small portions of foods rich in various nutrients and minerals. Having a balanced diet will help in keeping your sugar levels in check as your body will consume only as much sugar as it requires. You should consult a dietician to chalk out a proper meal plan based on your existing sugar levels.

Follow a proper schedule: If you have been prescribed some medicine by your doctor, you must plan out your meal in a way that it does not heighten the effects of the medicine on your body. If you are supposed to take insulin every day, you must be extremely careful to intake a diet that complements the dose of insulin you are taking or you might suffer from extremely high or low blood sugar levels.

2. Physical Activity

Regular physical activity in the form of exercise can help you tackle many health problems including diabetes. Exercising every day can help you keep your blood sugar levels at a healthy level

Plan your daily activity: There are dozens of activities that you can do on a daily basis to reach your target blood sugar levels. Not all of these activities would be beneficial for your condition. For some, simple activities like walking will suffice and for others, a bit more strenuous activities would be required. You must talk to your doctor about what kind of exercises you need to do.

Check your blood sugar level: When you exercise, you must check your blood sugar levels before and after your session. If you’re taking medication that helps you lower your sugar levels, you need to be especially careful about your blood sugar level before exercising otherwise you may end up suffering from a case of Hypoglycemia.

Prepare to take care of yourself: When exercising, you must have a water bottle and tablets of glucose at your disposal. Staying hydrated will help your blood sugar levels remain stable and if in the worst-case scenario, if it plunges below the healthy level, you can take the glucose tablets for instant relief.

3. Medication

In many cases, if your blood sugar levels are too high or low to be corrected by natural ways, you will be prescribed medication to help improve your condition. When you take these medications, you must be careful and alter your other activities to complement these medications.

Store the medication properly: Whatever medication you get, you must ensure that you check the expiry date and consume it accordingly. Moreover, storing the medications in extreme conditions will affect their effectiveness. Store them in conditions that are prescribed on the pack.

Consult your doctor about any side-effects: If a medicine that you are prescribed has any side-effects which were not mentioned by the doctor, you must immediately consult with them.

Include herbal supplements: In most cases, doctors prescribe herbal supplements like SugaNorm for diabetic patients to help improve their condition. They are effective medications made with natural plants and herbs. It will help you a great deal in your efforts to normalize your blood sugar levels with zero side effects.

Besides these factors, there are also others like your stress level that majorly impacts your sugar levels. Factors like menstruation cycles in women also seem to show a considerable impact on it.

If you are having trouble in regulating your blood sugar levels, you must keep all of these factors and their impacts in mind to plan your lifestyle accordingly.

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