Trump’s ‘No Kneeling’ Tweets About Protesting Called Out By Twitter Users For Hypocrisy

President Donald Trump also said that also criticized kneeling should not have apologized.

Because of not appreciating why fellow NFL players like Colin Kaepernick have chosen to kneel during the national anthem, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees has been criticized by many this week.

Brees said that he felt kneeling was “disrespectful” to the military. However, he later apologized for his “insensitivity” after his Black teammates and other sports figures explained the kneeling was in protest of systemic racism. He said he “will work every day to put myself in those shoes and fight for what is right.”

Kaepernick only started kneeling after conferring with former Green Beret Nate Boyer on the most respectful way to protest.

On the other hand, President Donald Trump said Friday that Brees should not have apologized. Also, he misrepresented and criticized kneeling during the national anthem as a protest of the American flag.

Many Twitter users expectedly had strong opinions about Trump’s comments.
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