How should you prepare for a long distance move?

Moving is one stressful process that we all struggle to finish.

Moving is one stressful process that we all struggle to finish. Irrespective of where you are moving to, whether it is a next lane destination or the one that is miles away from where you live, every move has its own challenges. However, when it is a long-distance move, you chances of committing any mistakes are more as per the moving pundits, mistakes is last thing you must do while planning a cross country move. 

Long distance moving companies associated with Pricing Van Lines, a moving platform that enable customers to find the right moving help, state that long distance moves are truck because by the time you realize a mistake, you are miles away to go back and rectify it. Moreover, you need to take all your belongings at once unlike a local move when you can run to and fro between your new and old home. 

Hence it is very important that a long distance move is planned with thoughtfulness and full efficacy with success in mind. Here are a few list that you will find helpful in planning a long distance move and executing it with full efficacy:

Choose the moving date wisely:

If you are not moving in a hurry, you are lucky to plan for a moving date, choose a moving date that suits you and when you have enough time to devote to the moving process. If you are planning to sell your old house, make sure you plan the moving date close to it. Also, try and choose a moving date in off-season as it will save you a lot of money.

Book a moving company:

You can always choose to DIY your move but it is recommended not to. If you are moving long distance there are chances you will be moving with a large inventory and handling it with efficiency should be your key priority. Moving services provider takes the entire responsibility of your move, ensuring that you and your belongings are safely transported to the new place. Make sure you choose the best moving company in your region and enjoy their expertise.

Make a schedule: 

Having a schedule is very important as when you have a fixed timeline, you know what to do, when to do and what happens if you fail to do something.

Declutter and organize:

If you invest time in decluttering your home and belongings, you can easily move to the new place with minimum stress. The less you have to pack and move, the better you can prepare for the move. Make sure you take out all the unnecessary items in your closet and sort them in four piles- donate, throw away, sell and take along.


As soon as you are done with the decluttering, make sure you start the packing process. No matter you are doing DIY packing or taken help from the movers, make sure you have all your belongings organized while packing. From keeping all the items in the right spot to packing them in the right box.

Label the boxes:

Once all the boxes are packed, start labeling them to make transportation and unpacking process easier. Write the room the box belongs to, items if they are fragile or of high value or ‘this side up’ label if anything must be kept upright. This will help the movers to know which box belongs to which room. 

Plan the mode of transportation:

There are many choices including hiring a rental truck, driving to the new location or flying. Keeping your budget, size of inventory and other such factors in mind, make sure you choose the right mode of transportation. It is recommended to drive if you are moving with pets and flying when you have limited inventory to move.

Bid goodbye to your near and dear ones:

Before you leave a place, it is very important that you get the right closure. You must organize a small get together and say goodbye to everyone who played a role in your life. His will make the transition easy and you will enjoy a great evening before you leave.

Support the movers as much as you can:

On the moving day, cooperate with the movers and make sure you offer them whatever assistance is required. This will expedite the moving process and reduce your stress levels.

Moving to a distant place is tough as you experience a lot of changes. Plan a long distance move efficiently and make sure that you reach to the new place safely and without stress. Moving companies also offer a full-fledged moving checklist for you to follow to ensure you do not miss on packing and moving anything. Long distance moves are critical, use this planning guide and enjoy one of the biggest changes of your life.

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