Top 10 Places to Reopen After a Pandemic

A virus and pandemic that has hidden the world; Covid 19. Places will hopefully begin to reopen soon.

A virus and pandemic that has hidden the world; Covid 19. Things and places that were going to daily closed, leaving us at home. Social distancing, the new phrase for everyone. 

But what are the top 10 places that are going to reopen after the pandemic? The places that people can’t wait to visit again. Places that we always thought were available to use, that aren’t anymore. These are the top 10 places that are going to reopen soon after the pandemic is under control. Places that are closed now, all over the world. 


Going on holiday and enjoying the amenities of luxurious hotels aren’t available right now. The hotels that always have long waiting lists are empty. Only businessmen are allowed to travel for business and able to stay in some hotels. This is one of the first places that will reopen after the pandemic. So, that people can go on holiday again, enjoying the amenities and making bookings for their next Christmas holiday. 


For months, casinos all over the world were closed. The only place where you could gamble was online. With pandemic getting under control in some countries, this is one of the top places that are reopening again. With huge social distancing rules, but people can start going to the casinos again. For those countries that are still under lockdown, this is one of the places that will be first to open again. 


Maybe one of the saddest parts of the pandemic and the social distancing rules that are applied all over the world. The empty churches. People can’t wait for the pandemic to be over so that they can go to their churches and not just watch their services online. This is what people are waiting for the most. To get the go-ahead that churches are going to reopen again, where people can get their strength again, to meet with other people of the same beliefs. 

Movie theaters

Yes, we can watch movies at home, using the internet. But, this isn’t the same as going to the movie theaters where you are watching on the big screen with surround sound. With the smell of popcorn and coke. Where friends and family meet to enjoy a night out watching their favorite movie star in action. Movie theaters will open as soon as the pandemic is over and it is safe to socialize again. And, then we can watch as many movies at the theaters as possible. 

Sport arenas

No one ever thought that sport would be put on hold. Not only would it be put on hold, but it happens all over the world. No more live sport, and no more going to sports arenas for watching sport like football, rugby, wrestling, swimming or any other sport. People will rush to the arenas and stadiums again once the pandemic is over and we are allowed to go watch sport again. When sport is going to live again, doing what they love doing, each and every weekend. 

Live entertainment

Live entertainment will be reopening as soon as the pandemic is over. Some so many entertainers are now without any income because of social distancing. But, they can reopen when it is safe to socialize. Live entertainment like bands, singers, live shows, etc. At the moment, you can only see it online, when you are paying for your online ticket. But, we all agree that this isn’t the same as being at a live concert. 


Sitting at a restaurant, celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, or going on dates. Everything was put on hold with the pandemic. As the pandemic lifted, so does the rules for restaurants. They can sell food like takeaways, but there aren’t many countries where they can fully operate with people sitting down in the restaurant. For sure, this is one of the places that will be packed, the moment that the pandemic is over. Going on dates again, celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations at a restaurant again.

Holiday resorts

Holiday resorts, just like hotels are closed now. No one is allowed to leave their region and going on holiday, sleeping over. People are forced to stay at home, even if they already have made plans for going on holiday. Once the pandemic is over, holiday resorts are going to open again, and people are going to make bookings and enjoy holiday resorts again. Enjoy the break we all deserve.


You might say that airports are open. And, yes you are right. Airports are open nationally. We are talking about the international opening of airports. Letting you visit other countries again, and family members that are living in other countries. We are now forced to stay within our own country, with international flights being canceled. The moment that the pandemic is over, the airports will allow international flights again and we will be allowed to visit our family staying in other countries. 


One of the places that will also be open once the pandemic is over is gyms. At the moment gyms are dangerous with all the sweat that people are leaving behind after a session. The good news is that gyms aren’t going anywhere and will be opening as soon as the pandemic isn’t a threat anymore.

These are the top 10 places that we can’t wait to open again after the pandemic is over. What place do you miss the most at the moment? This might be hard to live with these places close, but we all have the reassurance that it will open eventually. When the pandemic is over. 

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