COVID-19 Cases Are Increasing Due To More Testing; President Trump Says

Public health specialists have debunked this myth.

Donald trump made a pretty interesting statement with his tweets about COVID-19.

Many fear of a second wave as cases are increasing. However, Trump seems to think that cases are increasing because of more tests and not more spread.

Public health specialists have debunked this myth. There’s no suggestion that increased testing is why there are more confirmed tests. To dispel claims that testing is to blame for the country’s growing outbreak, epidemiologists point to a figure known as the positivity rate, which indicates the percent of tests that come back positive in a given region.

The data is important because it indicates just how much the disease has spread.

Lead epidemiologist of Johns Hopkins University’s Covid-19, Jennifer Nuzzo stated, “States are finding more cases relative to the amount of tests they are conducting provides the strongest rebuttal to the administration’s assertion that case numbers are rising because we’re getting better at finding cases through increased testing.”

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