Product Review: Emerald Family Hemp

I first came in contact with Emerald Family Hemp when I went to my local 'Puff Tobacco Discount' store.

I first came in contact with Emerald Family Hemp when I went to my local ‘Puff Tobacco Discount’ store because I was hearing about all the great benefits CBD and Hemp have to offer, but as a newbie, I didn’t know what to get first, so I bought a bunch of stuff to give a try. One thing that stood out the most to me was the EFH pre-rolls because it was convenient and effective.

So I Googled the Emerald Family Hemp brand to learn more about them.

Product Review: The CO2 Company Vape Pen & Emerald Family Hemp Cartridge

I was provided a CO2 Company Vape pen, case, and charger complimentary from Emerald Family Hemp to product test their extract cartridge ‘Rise’ Hemp flavor Hawaiian Haze. I really enjoy the vape pen and case design which is army fatigue and military print, because it coordinates with my grenade pipe! The vape pen comes with a mini plug charger that is compatible with my Apple adaptor to charge my vape pen.

With easy to follow instructions I was on to my first of 150 servings each cartridge approximately provides. I got an instantaneous rush of the 92.5% CBD that the product provides.

Product Review: Loyal Oil Co. (CBG Crumble-1g CBG Hemp Concentrate) & (Isolator-1g CBD Hemp Isolate)

I really can’t give a valid review on these products because I couldn’t figure out how to use them correctly, even though the instructions are on the side of the box container. Ignite and inhale, and so I did when I placed it in my pipe, but the product didn’t seem to be responding well in my pipe, so I ground it down and replaced it in my pipe, but it still didn’t seem to be working correctly for me.

The CBG Crumble texture was that of a piece of sticky chocolate candy that was able to be broken off and placed in my pipe, but I am wondering if this product is better if used in rolling paper? It was like melting a candle, there was no smoke to inhale. Come to find out, “This is best in a joint on top of some flower or in a dab rig. In addition, you could also melt it in a double broil and add it to some oil to make your own tincutre. We are working on building some of these blogs and vlogs on instagram.”

Then with CBD Hemp Isolate, it resembled that of a powdery form but as I placed it in my pipe, it kept falling in because it had no concentrate to hold it in the bowl of the pipe, so I tried lighting my pipe from under the bowl instead of on top, but no such luck. The isolate is again better sprinkled on a joint or added to oil to make a tincture.”

Product Review: Emerald Family Hemp (CBD Hemp Flower) ‘Rise’ Blue Velvet

I questioned why their products have two names, for example ‘rise’ & ‘blue velvet’? The answer is because, “moving away from labels like ‘Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid’, we try to label ours by “effects” like rise (sativa) rest (indica) and refresh or relief (hybrids). The ‘Blue Velvet’ is the strain.”

You will read ‘Respect the land. Respect the people. Respect the plant.’ on all EFH products. Which is truly why I respect Emerald Family Hemp Nitrogen Sealed Cannabis “Fresh As The Day It Was Packed” who has ideally named their product CBD Hemp Flower (Rise) Blue Velvet perfectly because the substance took away the ‘blue’ in my emotions and the flavor is smooth as ‘velvet’. 

“The two major types of cannabis plants are Indica and Sativa. Each strain has its own range of effects on the body and mind resulting in a wide range of medicinal benefits. Indica strains generally provide a sense of deep body relaxation. Sativa strains tend to provide a more energizing experience.”

Product Review: Emerald Family Hemp (Pre-Roll) Relief ‘Lifter’, Sour Space Candy ‘Refresh’, CBG Flower ‘The White’, Kush Hemp ‘Rest’.

Seeing how I will probably never master rolling my own smoke, these Emerald Family Hemp Pre-Rolls are perfect for me! They are great accommodations for ending a stressful day, relaxing after a workout, capping off a meal, and they are always welcoming gifts for special occasions. The pre-rolls aids my sleep because I was having a hard time going to bed. Each pre-roll and 3.5 gram seal can come with a strain specific QR code to scan and view the test results.

It soothes my menstrual cramping, which has become more painful because of my age by releasing muscle tension and dissipate pain. “Another idea for you just personally – Double broil the CBG and add coconut oil. This can either be put in a suppository and into the vagina or you could just rub the lotion on your belly. 🙂 I also get mouth ulcers really bad and swollen sore gums around my period. After I brush my teeth normally, I use the CBG coconut oil mix and dip my toothbrush in it and do another brush. It helps with the inflammation and heals the gums or ulcers.”

But the best part about this product is that it has a smooth insolation with no coughing, that I sometimes get if I was smoking through a pipe.

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