Moving To Thailand? Here Are The Pros And Cons Of Living In Thailand

Are You Moving To Thailand? Well, Here Are A Few Pros And Cons Of Living In Thailand That You Must Be Aware Of. Read On To Make Your Stay More Memorable.

What do you consider at first sight when you think of living at a certain place? What are your areas of interest, and what are the facilities that you seek? We all desire and aim to spend our lives at a place that feels interesting and good to the heart. Moreover, one of the considerations that we keep is to have a good lifestyle in economic conditions. 

Are you making a plan to live in Thailand? If yes, then here is a list of pros and cons of living in Thailand in 2020. Besides, you are going to know about some other important questions. These include, what are the things you should do in Thailand? What should you not do in Thailand? 

Furthermore, at the end of this, you will find the right advice as should you still move to Thailand as an ex-pat in 2020? So, let us proceed to find it out. 

What Should You Do In Thailand? 

  • Explore Natural Beauty And Take A Walk With Elephants 

The beauty of nature is something that pulls us all in any place of the globe. The primary reason for people going to Thailand is because of mesmerizing beauty. The enchanting variety of rich flora and diversified fauna appeals to every person coming to the place. 

The elephant is a national symbol of Thailand and considered a revered animal. While in Thailand, don’t forget to take a walk with elephants in The Elephant Nature Park. This park rescue elephant and each visit contribute to their work. 

You should also visit Phang Nga Bay, Similan Islands, Railay Beach, and Phi Phi Islands. These places are among the most sought-after places in Thailand that you should not miss.     

  • Savor The Taste Of Thai Delicacies 

When dwelling in a certain area, food is the next consideration. Thailand has an extensive food variety that you can try. You will find an ample number of places and restaurants with the most delicious food.

You cannot miss out on Thai cuisine when in Thailand, particularly Thai curry, fried rice, and pad thai. Be it from a restaurant or a street-food stall, the food in Thailand is extremely cheap but tastes heavenly because of fantastic quality.  

  • Visit The Grand Palace 

Situated in the heart of Bangkok, the Grand Palace was the home to the king, the entire government of Thailand, and the royal mint for 150 years. 

This is one of the most prominent attractions in the country. This magnificent gold-tipped series of buildings is home to the largest reclining Buddha in the country.  

However, you must dress appropriately while visiting this palace; otherwise, your entry will be restricted. 

  • Attend the Full Moon Party 

The full moon party happens once a month and is a sight worth seeing. Make sure to visit the country 3-4 days before the full moon party to enjoy the pre-parties and the calm on Koh Phangan Island before the actual fun begins. 

For this party, grab some neon-colored clothes and body paint, and you are good to go.  

What Shouldn’t You Do In Thailand? 

  • Don’t Touch The Monks

Since monks are considered the most respected figures in Thailand, you should not place yourself above them or touch them. 

Also, monks are not permitted to touch women. If you are a lady, they cannot hand you anything. If they had to, they would place the item on the ground for you to pick it up. So, please keep your distance from the monks while in Thailand. 

  • Don’t Indulge In Romantic Activates 

Holding hands and kissing your partner on the streets of Thailand is strictly prohibited. Thais save these gestures for private and feel disrespected if tourists show any romantic gestures in their country. 

  • Don’t Touch Anyone On The Head 

Thai people consider the head as the cleanest part of the body and feel offended if someone touches their head. It is a sign of disrespect, and you should keep this in mind while visiting Thailand. 

So, unless you are with a kid or a family member, you cannot pat someone’s head. 

  • Don’t Wear Shoes And Revealing Clothes In Temples 

Thailand is a holy place with numerous temples. Although you want to visit every one of their beautiful temples, you must not take your shoes inside the temple. Some Thais don’t even allow shoes in their houses as well. So, whenever you see a pile of shoes outside a shop or home, remove your footwear before entering the place. 

  • Don’t Be Involved in Gambling 

Gambling is prohibited in Thailand so don’t get yourself involved into any gambling activities on the streets or anywhere else. But if gambling is essential part of your life, stick to playing at one of the online casinos such as G club Grand or Gclub Slot. Visiting online casinos will keep you safe from any problems while you are in Thailand.

Also, make sure you don’t reveal clothes while visiting the temples. Before heading to a temple, make sure your shoulders and knees are covered. 

Should You Still Move To Thailand As An Ex-Pat In 2020? 

Thailand is a beautiful and peaceful country. Relocating there is probably the best if you’ve already made up your mind. The low stress and chilled out lifestyle are one of the best things of the country. The awesome foods and countless amazing places are to die for. 

Also, the soft-spoken and kind-hearted people of Thailand will make the moving to a different nation easy. Whether you are there for scenic beauty or their excellent massages and culture, we bet you won’t regret moving to the country.  

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