How to Memorize Foreign Words Quickly and Effectively

Knowledge of a foreign language simplifies life.

Knowledge of a foreign language simplifies life. It can help to get a job or facilitate a vacation abroad. To improve the level of English or another language, it is not necessary to enroll in expensive courses. We will tell you how to learn foreign words quickly and remember them for a long time.

How to Learn Foreign Words

Learning a new language is hard labor, which requires a huge amount of time, which can be especially problematic for students. When I was a student, I had to look at this website to ask experts to do my assignment online. However, there are several other ways to cope with it. I will give some tips on how to properly organize the process of learning and remembering new words so that it takes less time. For this, you need to do the following:

  1. First, learn the basic vocabulary, which is needed to understand everyday speech. This list includes pronouns, main verbs, and nouns. In any case, you will need words that are needed to greet someone, order food, and other everyday things.
  2. After that, outline the topics that are needed to achieve your goal. It can be vocabulary based on the profile of training, work, or hobby. If you learn a language for communicating with foreigners, pay attention to geographical names.
  3. A good way to get to know the language is to watch movies and TV shows or read books in the original. Just try to choose movies of recent years and fresh publications, so as not to remember outdated vocabulary.
  4. Use every opportunity to repeat learned words. Compose small texts with them while you are waiting in line or traveling in transport.
  5. To reinforce the memory of new words, enter them into your speech. Visit conversation clubs, chat in foreign forums, etc.
  6. Feel free to make mistakes. The one who does nothing is not mistaken. You learn a foreign language in order to use it. Therefore, any conversation is always more useful than silence.

How to Memorize Words Correctly

Learning will go faster if you know how to effectively learn foreign words. There are many of them created for this. Here, we will offer the most useful ones. They include the following:

  • Get a notebook-dictionary where you write out words with translation. Read it regularly, but don’t specifically memorize it. When you understand that some words are remembered, add synonyms and antonyms to them. In this way, you will gradually master the vocabulary of a certain topic and can move on to the next.
  • Card method. Instead of a dictionary, make double-sided cards with a foreign word on one side and a translation on the other. Review cards regularly, trying to remember the translation, rather than looking at the other side. If the word is hard for you, you can draw a hint illustration on the side with a foreign word.
  • The most proven, but also the most boring method is simple writing. Each new word needs to be written 10-20 times, and then it should be fixed in your memory.

How to Memorize Foreign Words Using Mnemonics

Those who are interested in how to learn foreign words quickly and easily, we recommend using modern methods of mnemonics. The basis of the methods of mnemonics is the creation of associations that will push your memory. For example, if you want to remember that work “look” in another language, you have to imagine a person looking at the onion.

Mnemonics experts advise entering words into context in order to remember them. This is especially convenient for words of the same subject. Make a short story with them and remember not separate words, but a coherent story. Such texts are better fixed in memory thanks to causal relationships.

How Many Foreign Words You Need to Learn per Day

In order not to overload the memory, we advise you not to chase a large number of words. If you plan to study daily or at least every second day, 5-10 words will be enough. Linguistic experts say that a person who knows 2000 words will understand 80% of foreign speech. However, in order to understand 98% of speech, you will have to learn 180,000 words.

How to Remember Foreign Words Forever

For this, they need to learn using not short-term memory but a long-term one. This will happen if you not only learn words but also use them at least several times a week. 

Another option is multiple repetitions. If you learned 5 words on Monday, then you should repeat them on Tuesday. Only after this, begin to study the next portion of words. On Wednesday, repeat the words learned in 2 days. After this, they will be fixed in memory much more firmly. On Thursday, you can already do without repetitions of what was learned in the first half of the week. However, on Sunday you need to repeat the words learned for the whole week.

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