Live Streaming a Funeral

Live streaming funeral services provides those who are unable to travel the opportunity to pay they respects to loved ones from home.

Live streaming funeral services provides those who are unable to travel the opportunity to pay they respects to loved ones from home.

Today, having large gatherings of people come together sometimes isn’t possible. Many individuals cannot travel and families are finding themselves having to adjust, even in times of grief. The world is changing, and with it, so is the way that families hold funerals. Traditionally, services may have brought together loved ones from far and wide to a single place to pay their respects. However, now that isn’t always possible. 

No individual should ever have to go without the chance to say goodbye to a loved one when they pass and many funeral homes are helping families adapt. New technologies are making this easier as they bring people together remotely. One of these technologies is the ability to live stream a funeral to anywhere in the world. In times of grief and sadness it can help bring closure to those who are mourning. 

Benefits of Live Streaming Funeral Services

Live streaming funeral services poses many benefits in the current world. Individuals are not faced with the challenging decision of whether or not to travel and congregate in large groups or miss the chance to say goodbye. With live streaming, they can say goodbye from anywhere. 

Additionally, live streaming doesn’t have to be restrictive. In fact, it can allow even more people to virtually attend a funeral. Hundreds of viewers can watch–many more than could fit in a traditional funeral home. The service can host digital speakers, where loved ones can provide eulogies or give readings from wherever they may be. 

Even when it is possible to have a significant number of people in one place, live steaming a funeral still gives those who are unable to travel the opportunity to view the service.

Do’s and Don’ts of Live Streaming a Funeral

If you are live streaming the funeral service of a loved one there are some helpful tips to follow. Just as you would like an in-person service to be professional and respectful, you should expect the same thing when live streaming. 

What to Do

When live streaming a funeral service, do ensure that the stream is taking place on a secure network. Speak with your funeral home about this, ask if their network is encrypted, and how people will be able to log on. Your service should be password protected. 

Do send out detailed instructions to those who will be attending. The chances are that many have not participated in a live streaming funeral service before. Provide log in information as well as a phone number for them to call if they experience technical difficulties. Ask the funeral home if they have a phone line that virtual guests can call if they have any issues. 

Also ask the funeral home what kind of equipment they use for live streaming. You want high-quality, advanced equipment that will provide a clear picture with crisp sound. 

You may also wish to put together a virtual program, just as you would for a traditional service. You can email this program to your guests so they can follow along. Additionally, you can create digital remembrance cards such as those you would hand out at a traditional service.

What Not to Do

When live streaming a funeral, do not try to host the virtual event yourself. It is always best to have a funeral home with experienced staff take care of the streaming. Having experts significantly lessens the chance of having technical difficulties and will also provide a better experience for those who are viewing the service from home. 

It may not be a wise idea to choose a funeral home that has not put together many live stream services in the past. You want the best for your loved one’s service. Ask the funeral home about their experience, any issues they have run into in the past, and how they overcame those obstacles to provide guests and viewers with a positive experience. 

Finding a Funeral Home That Live Streams

As remote gatherings and digital events are becoming more and more a part of our everyday lives, many funeral homes now offer live streaming services. Some may offer the ability to re-cast the service for a set amount of time so that anyone who was unable to view it in real-time can watch when they are available. Additionally, some funeral homes may offer the option to receive a hard copy of the service on DVD or by digital file. These are all questions to ask at your initial consultation. 

If you are looking for a funeral home that live streams services, make a few phone calls or online searches. It is very likely that there are venues near you who offer this feature. Be sure to read online reviews of the business to see what kind of experience others have had. 

Ultimately, select the funeral home you feel the most comfortable with that can best accommodate your needs. Don’t be afraid to keep searching if you do not find the best fit the first time. 

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