5 Things Every New Fur Parent Should Have

Congratulations on adopting a puppy! While raising a puppy is filled with plenty of excitement, the experience can be time-consuming, stressful, and pricey.
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Congratulations on adopting a puppy! While raising a puppy is filled with plenty of excitement, the experience can be time-consuming, stressful, and pricey. In fact, Americans spend an estimated $62.75 billion on their pets per year, according to the American Pet Products Association. Additionally, new pet owners typically spend the most money on a pet during their first year of owning one.

As a new puppy parent, nothing is more important than your puppy’s happiness and health. It is possible to make your puppy feel comfortable around you and your home without breaking your budget. We’ve compiled a list of five of the most recommended things every new puppy parent should do to make sure your new best friend is healthy and happy.


CBD oil can help promote a normal sleep schedule, healthy joint growth, reduction of inflammation, and anxiety management. You may discover that loud noises like thunderstorms or fireworks cause anxious responses like excessive shaking or barking. Properties of CBD oil calm your puppy’s anxieties to allow them to adapt to daily stressors. And, aside from excessive licking during administration, there are no side effects! It’s important you administer your puppy high-quality products to ensure your puppy is getting only the purest ingredients. You can explore options of organic CBD oil for dogs. A high-quality CBD oil can be affordable and beneficial to your favorite pup.


One of the first things you should do as a new puppy parent is finding a reliable veterinarian. A good veterinarian will make sure your puppy is healthy and go the extra mile to reach out to you every few months to check-in. Vet fees do vary, so be sure to explore local veterinarians in the city you live and places you travel frequently to find the best deal. Additionally, remember dogs benefit from regular checkups just like humans do. You don’t want to save vet visits for emergency-only situations.

No-Pull Harness

If your puppy likes to tug on the leash while walking, a harness is essential. The encasing design works to protect your puppy’s neck, and give them a sense of security and comfort. A high-quality harness can be relatively expensive at roughly $50 and heavy, so it is important to invest in one that is long-lasting and lightweight, such as the Joyride’s no pull harness for dogs. With a comfy harness, you and your dog can putter around the streets stress-free.

Pet Insurance

Health insurance for dogs exists? Yes, and it’s usually relatively affordable—sometimes only around 25 dollars per month! Like with humans, emergency situations and health issues that arise with age can unexpectedly pop up. Pet insurance can take some financial anxiety away in the case that a dog suddenly becomes ill.

Dental Cleaning

In an ideal world, you would brush your pup’s teeth once a day. Dogs are wont to go around and chow down food, bones, and whatever they can find. Ensuring they have clean chops should be high on our priority list. That said, daily dental cleaning for dogs may seem unachievable and maybe even ridiculous. To get in the routine of keeping your dog’s mouth clean, you can find a great doggie dentist—or just a certified groomer that takes special care of teeth. Dogs experience dental issues like humans, including root abscess that can carry a heavy bill. Be in-the-know, and in control, of your dog’s dental state before issues arise and become unmanageable. Routine dental cleanings will prevent these costs so many puppy parents eventually face from adding up.

While these are just a few of the expenditures associated with becoming a puppy parent, a little planning around anticipated health issues and dental procedures can save you hundreds down the line. And, investing in products that help to mitigate your puppy’s anxiety will make them feel more comfortable and at home.

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