How to Spread Bet on the MLS

The MLS returned after a four-month hiatus when Orlando City secured a last-gasp victory over Inter Miami on July 9. Soccer fans have been treated to exciting games on a daily basis ever since, and the MLS is Back tournament will continue to provide entertainment until the final on August 11.
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The MLS returned after a four-month hiatus when Orlando City secured a last-gasp victory over Inter Miami on July 9. Soccer fans have been treated to exciting games on a daily basis ever since, and the MLS is Back tournament will continue to provide entertainment until the final on August 11.

Placing a wager on the action is the perfect way to dial up the excitement you will when watching big games take place. Many bettors opt for classic fixed odds betting – moneyline, total goals and so on – but there is another intriguing option: spread betting.

How Does Spread Betting Work?

The odds compilers will make a number of predictions about a particular MLS game. You can then pit your wits against them by deciding whether they have gone too low or been too ambitious in their projections.

For example, let’s say they predict that there will be 10.2-10.7 corners in a game. If you think there will be more than that, you buy at 10.7. If you think there will be fewer corners than that, sell at 10.2. The more right you are, the more money you make.

If you sell at 10.2 and there are just 8 corners, you earn 2.2 times the amount you wagered. That is because 8 is 2.2 below the price you sold at. If you sold at $20, you would therefore make a $44 profit. If there were 7 corners, you would earn 3.2 times your stake. If there were 6 corners, you would earn 4.2 times your stake, and so on.

However, it there were 12 corners, that would be 1.8 above the price you sold at, so you would lose 1.8 times your stake. You therefore have to be careful.

Why is Spread Betting on MLS Exciting?

Many soccer fans prefer spread betting because it offers so many different potential outcomes. It is not a simple win or lose wager, and you have the potential to rack up large profits despite staking a relatively small amount of money.

It also keeps you interested until the final whistle. Let’s say you place a fixed odds bet on over 2.5 goals in an MLS game at odds of -110 (1.91). If one team scored and went 2-1 up after 40 minutes, you would naturally be delighted. However, your interest might then start to wane.

A spread betting alternative might be a quote of 2.4-2.6 goals in the game, allowing you to sell at 2.4 or buy at 2.6. If you bought at 2.6, you would be pleased when the third goal went in, as you would be guaranteed a profit. However, you would then remain captivated for the entire game, as every additional goal scored would boost your profit.

If you bought at $100, you would make a $40 profit in the event of 3 goals, a $140 profit in the event of 4 goals and so on. If it finished 5-3, you would make a $540 profit, so it is easy to see why spread betting is so alluring to sports fans.

You just need to remember that it is more volatile than fixed-odds betting. If you placed a $100 fixed-odds wager on over 2.5 goals, you would know that you could either win $91 if successful or lose $100 if unsuccessful.

However, spread betting is not fixed, and the more wrong you are, the more you lose. If you bought at 2.6 for $100 and it finished 1-1, you would lose $60. If it finished 1-0, you would lose $160 and so on.

What Spread Betting Options are Available?

You have a wide array of interesting options at your disposal if you decide to start spread betting on MLS. Key spread betting markets on soccer include Supremacy Index, Total Goals, Total Corners, Total Bookings, Win Index, Total Goal Minutes, Player Goal Minutes, Player Assist Minutes and Shirt Numbers.

The odds compilers will weigh up the relative strengths and weaknesses of each team and decide which one is the favorite. For example, you might see a Supremacy Index of 0.4-0.6 in favour of Seattle Sounders in a game against San Jose. If you think Seattle will win the game, buy at 0.6. If you think it will lose the game or draw, sell at 0.4.

Once again, the more right you are, the more you win. If you buy at 0.6 and Seattle secure a narrow victory, you make a modest profit. If it thrashes its opponent, you will secure a large profit, but if it loses heavily, you will incur a substantial loss.

You might see a team priced at 9.5-11 in the Win Index. A team is assigned 25 points for a win, 10 points for a draw and zero for a defeat. You can then either buy at 11 if you think it will win, or sell at 9.5 if you think the team will struggle. Seattle could only draw with San Jose, so if you sold then you would have made a profit.

There are many unique options when it comes to spread betting. Shirt Numbers is a prediction on the cumulative shirt numbers of each player to score in the game. For example, when LAFC played Houston Dynamo the result would have been 115. Memo Rodriguez (number 8) scored twice for Houston, which contributed 16 to the result. Alberth Ellis (number 7) was also on target, bringing it to 23. Bradley Wright-Phillips (number 66) scored for LAFC, along with Diego Rossie (number 9) and Brian Rodriguez (number 17), leaving the total at 115.

That is a high score, so anyone that bought on the pre-match quote would have made a profit, and anyone that sold would have made a loss. There are many more interesting spread betting options, so check out all the spread betting markets and find wagers that appeal to you.

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