5 Resources for Independent Boomers

If you were born before 1964, you could consider yourself part of the baby boomer generation.

If you were born before 1964, you could consider yourself part of the baby boomer generation. You’re either a senior citizen already, or getting there. For baby boomers, in particular, the world has advanced at a startling rate. From floppy disks and cellphones to virtual reality, the baby boomers have seen it all. Even the healthcare industry has changed.

As boomers age, it’s essential to stay updated and independent. It’s easiest to do this with a few must-have resources. A great way to start is to find different ways to keep up. After all, you don’t want to be the victim of a scam as you age. Even something as small as a landline with caller-id can help you avoid this. Several recourses aimed at the boomer generation help keep you independent and up-to-date. Read on for some helpful resources.

Research things before buying them.

Are you confused about new advancements and don’t know whom to trust to give you the information you need? It’s important to review things before you buy them. It’s a good idea to find a source for trusted information about fitness, healthcare, and finances. It will also help you to make electronic purchases and travel decisions that are perfect for you.

Several websites offer a space dedicated to baby boomers. Pick one like boomerbuyerguides.com, where you can read reviews before you buy things. You’ll be able to research different types of walkers to find the best one. Or, find the best mattress for your back problems. You can even find information about medical treatments, supplements, and prescription pills. You can read about health issues and learn about the side effects of medications. A site like this is the perfect resource to help you save money too. After all, deal-savvy baby boomers are the most independent.

Don’t stop learning.


Some of the best resources for baby boomers are mini-courses to update your knowledge. With the world changing so quickly, it’s essential to stay updated to stay independent. It can be hard to navigate online information or read a textbook after a certain age. So, look to professionals to help you out here. With an online course, you don’t even have to leave your home.

Take a course to learn about insurance so that no one scams you out of proper healthcare. Learn about credit card fraud and spam calls. Senior citizens can get such courses at a discount. You can learn about ensuring a secure retirement, or the best way to age in place. Remember, the more you know, the younger and more independent you will feel.

Make new technology work for you.


It’s tough to keep up with technology as you age. As a senior citizen, do you need a fancy cellphone or that new cloud software? Technology can be confusing, and you may think it’s just for younger generations. However, not all technology is useless for baby boomers. You already know that buyer guides are a benefit of embracing technology. Then there’s medical alert systems and digital pill dispensers. All these can help older adults stay independent.

Other vital tools help you avoid fraud and scams. There are systems for how to figure out who called you. It’s not just about knowing the caller was but preventing scams. Credit card fraud, for example, targets older adults through phone calls. Scammers convince you to give out your personal information or social security number. An easy way to avoid this is to avoid answering calls from an unknown number. But, the better option is to invest in something with options like call trace and caller ID.

You can also get a private number for your mobile phone. Ask your phone provider if you can get an identity theft protection service. A phone company may not always help. So, look to third parties for different ways to avoid a scam like a reverse phone lookup service.

Embrace social media.

Social media, too, isn’t just for the millennial generation. Older adults who embraced it have found that it improves their lives. Social media can help baby boomers live alone as they age without losing connections. Something as simple as a video conference with your family can help.

You can feel more involved with the family because you get to see family pictures instantly. If you learn how to use social media on your cellphone, you have to check boomer buyer guides when you’re shopping. You can check the news and stream videos. And, another advantage is social networking. It will help you reconnect with other baby boomers you may have lost touch with over the years.

Learn how to bank online.

As online banking becomes the norm—don’t get left behind. Everything from banking services to investments is now online. As you age, this is an invaluable tool. Of course, you have to learn about it to avoid a scam. For example, be careful where you give out your credit card, social security, or other personal information. And, always remember to read the fine print. Beware of financial scams sent to your email address too.

It’s a good idea to take a course on financial security before your first time. Once you do, there are several advantages. Financial institutions offer net banking and extra features to track your money. The ability to pay bills and deposit checks online will help you stay independent.

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