5 Tips on How to Dress While Working From Home

Telework has become the new normal for most people, and that has made elastic waists the biggest quarantine fashion trend of 2020.

Telework has become the new normal for most people, and that has made elastic waists the biggest quarantine fashion trend of 2020. Many of us aren’t leaving the house that much either, which has left cute outfits gathering dust in the closet.

Does your work-from-home wardrobe need a change? Have you been slacking on your webcam appearance? Check out these tips for what to wear and how to dress your best while working from home.

1. Feel Comfortable in Your “Work Attire”

This trend caught on quick: looking professional from the chest up and feeling cozy from the waist down. Roll out of bed, and with a quick swap of a top, you’re ready for your 20-second commute from bed to desk. There’s nothing wrong with wearing sleepwear 24/7, but it could feel refreshing to upgrade what you wear below the waist for the workday. A pair of joggers, draw-string breezy pants or even colorful pajama pants with a cute pattern can become your work-only bottoms.

2. Have Emergency Clothes and Accessories On-Hand for Surprise Meetings

Ah, a day free of scheduled meetings. Knowing that you don’t have to be on screen, you think, “There’s no need to throw on a nice blouse.” But then your boss unexpectedly schedules a virtual meeting. Suddenly, you regret wearing your decades-old tattered tank top. Solution: Keep an emergency blazer, jacket or sweater on-hand that you can quickly throw on before going live. A chunky necklace to take the focus off your grungy top can also come in handy!

3. Take Advantage of a Hot and Heavy Lunch Break

Now that you and your significant other may both be working from home, use lunchtime as a chance for a quickie. It can feel exhilarating and a little “dangerous” to get intimate in the middle of the workday. At noon, slip into something sexy and get down to (a different type of) business. A romantic rendezvous sure beats sitting at your office desk with a prepackaged salad or choking down a chicken and veggie meal-prepped lunch in the office common area.

4. Tee It Up for a Casual Friday

One type of T-shirt that may be appropriate for work-at-home attire is the ole’ company-branded tee. Do you have a T-shirt you got for a company event or as a holiday gift? Then you may be able to get away with “comfort on the top” this time by wearing a shirt that came from your organization. Some companies even sell a collection of branded clothes, which means it’s time to stock up!

5. Schedule Days for Dressing Up

One of the most popular work-from-home tips is to still dress for the day. Dressing up can help you be more productive and make a distinction between your personal and professional life. Plus, coronavirus isn’t the only thing that’s spreading — the Quarantine 15 is plaguing our health, too. Buttoning up those work pants or jeans keeps your weight in check. It’s a tough and unusual time, so gaining a few pounds shouldn’t warrant panic or shame. But it also doesn’t hurt to check in with your body here and there for maintaining good health and wellness.

Take Advantage of These and Other Work-from-Home Perks

We’ve been forced to make a number of adjustments this year. It’s been challenging and even depressing at times, but for many, working from home full time has been a major perk — spending the workday in loungewear included. Keep these tips in mind for days when you want to feel comfy and cute, need a quick wardrobe change, sneak in sexy time, bring casual Friday back, and create boundaries between your job and personal life.

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