Top 3 Mistakes Made When Playing Scorpion Solitaire

With so much time on our hands these days thanks to Covid-19, playing online games is making a big comeback.

With so much time on our hands these days thanks to Covid-19, playing online games is making a big comeback. One of the most popular games as of late is Solitaire. With its near-endless variations and challenges, playing Solitaire is no longer for the bored and lonely. One of the most challenging variations is Scorpion Solitaire on Solitaire Bliss. Like its namesake, this game packs a punch. 

In this article, I will be giving you the pro tips to avoiding the TOP three mistakes made when playing Scorpion Solitaire. 

#1: Not Understanding The Roles of Each Card 

The folks over at Solitaire Bliss have created a handy guide to beating Scorpion Solitaire and in doing so have highlighted some common mistakes we all make when starting out. Here are a few things to focus on when you begin playing:

  1. Get your hidden cards turned over as soon as possible
  2. Don’t click stock until you are absolutely sure no other moves can be made
  3. Delay moving your King into a vacant column 
  4. Don’t expose your Ace if you can help it – these are problematic cards
  5. Deadlocks – if top to bottom like six, seven, eightH are within a pile you lose 

By familiarizing yourself with the way the game is set up and the role of each card you will give yourself the upper hand. You can read more great tips at Solitaire Bliss. 

#2: Not Following a Strategy 

Once you have played Scorpion Solitaire a few times consider creating a strategy for more wins. If you plan on playing with your friend online or even competing you will want to improve your tactics. Here are some expert tips for forming a solid strategy:

  • Plan out your moves in an order that will guarantee the most gains 
  • Pay attention to the order of your moves – often more moves will result in more cards turned which as mentioned above increase your chances of winning 
  • Don’t jump on the simple move – look instead for a column that needs to be emptied and focus on that 
  • Open cards (besides the Ace) are your friends – look for them and use them as a valuable resource 

#3: Study the Experts 

If you find yourself repeatedly getting stuck don’t be afraid to learn from the experts. These expert tips will help you win more games and create your own strategy. Here are a few of my favourite tips:

  1. Consider the current game state before you automatically go for the most hidden cards
  2. Focus on the order of your game – leave the disorder so you have a vacant column to work with 
  3. Play similar Solitaire games like Spider Solitaire to practice seeing the game from a different angle

Wrap Up 

Solitaire is an excellent game to sharpen the mind and learn to develop strategy. By avoiding the mistakes listed above you can win more and challenge your friends to this fun game. For more pro tips check out what the experts are saying over at Solitaire Bliss!

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