‘Cheers’ Actor For Cliff The Mailman Plans To Help Save The Postal Service

“The post office is in a bit of a pickle right now,” Ratzenberger said.

It looks like the United States Postal Service is in dire straits right now.

This comes with new Postmaster General — and noted big-time Trump donor — Louis DeJoy accused (even by Taylor Swift) of applying changes that slow down the mail.

Just in time for the nation to vote in the midst of an out-of-control pandemic.

The situation is so scary that only fabricated mailmen can make us feel better. So here’s John Ratzenberger, aka Cheers’ know-it-all, beer-swilling mailman Cliff Clavin, recording what’s effectively a PSA for the USPS.

“The post office is in a bit of a pickle right now,” Ratzenberger said. While he didn’t go into specifics, he said it was “being bounced back and forth.” So he had an idea: Do all your holiday shopping at the post office store.

“Why not translate the dollar amount you’re going to pay for Aunt Tillie’s new hat and just buy that amount of stamps?” Ratzenberger suggested. “It’s easy to carry, easy to mail, easy to ship. And it’s worth something. And it’ll be worth something for a long time. How many times is Aunt Tillie going to be wearing that hat? Once? Twice? But how many times will she be using those stamps?”

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi has demanded the House return from their two-week vacation early so that they can grill DeJoy, who has agreed to testify, about his actions. When you’ve pissed off Cliff Clavin — and his portrayer, who’s also, it should be noted, a longtime, outspoken Republican — you know you’ve screwed up.

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