Sarah Cooper’s Viral Videos Impersonating Donald Trump Finally Gets Asked To The President Himself

Many people have speculated online about whether Trump has seen her videos and, of course, what he thinks of them.

The current president of the United States himself is Sarah Cooper’s audience she’s been voiding as her viral videos contain her impersonating Donald Trump.

During an interview on Fox News on Sunday, Donald Trump will apparently seek out Cooper’s videos now that they were brought up to him and he was encouraged to check them out.

Cooper’s Trump impersonation has made her a viral star in recent months, catching an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live and aiding her secure both the chance to turn her book into a CBS sitcom and a Netflix special. While hugely popular on social media sites like TikTok and Twitter, Trump apparently hasn’t crossed into the viral videos.

All that changed when the president was asked straight about Cooper in an interview on Fox News.

It included an exchange between Trump and Steve Hilton. Trump says he hasn’t seen the videos, but is encouraged to watch them even if they are not necessarily meant to show the president in a positive light.

Here’s how the exchange went down:

“I have not, no,” Trump said, blank-faced. “I’d like to see them. Are they good or bad?”

Hilton told Trump he thought the president would find them very entertaining.

“OK, good! I’d like to see them,” Trump said. “If you’re saying they’re positive, I’d like to look. If they’re not positive….”

Hilton acknowledged that Cooper “doesn’t mean it to be positive.”

“I see,” Trump said. “Well, I’ll have to check it out.”

This certainly makes sense, as Trump’s social media presence is a tight circle of people expressing their support for him online. It’s a far cry from the other parts of the internet, where Cooper’s “How to Medical” video have garnered more than 20 million views.

Cooper also appeared at the all-virtual Democratic National Convention last week, an event Trump claimed to watch but later incorrectly said the Democrats wiped the phrase “under God” from the pledge of allegiance when it was, in fact, not.

Many people have speculated online about whether Trump has seen her videos and, of course, what he thinks of them. According to the interview, he has not. But he definitely knows about them now.

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