How To Make Mother’s Day Special

All a mom wants is to feel special, loved, and taken care of every once in a while.
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Planning a special Mother’s Day this year? Here, I’ll give you the best ideas and tips on how to make the day one that she won’t forget. All a mom wants is to feel special, loved, and taken care of every once in a while. Follow these tips and she’ll definitely feel the love.

Let’s dive in!

#1:  Gifts

The best way to start Mother’s Day off right is to first and foremost, let her sleep in. When she wakes up, pamper her with special gifts. Start by giving her the smaller gifts first such as:

  1. A beautiful bouquet of her favourite flowers
  2. A box of chocolates that she loves
  3. A piece of jewellery with her favourite colour or favourite stone

After receiving all these wonderful gifts, she won’t see it coming. Surprise her with one of these unique gifts for mom by FamilyGiftsCo. These canvas prints have gorgeous backgrounds and you can personalize them with the names of her children or even meaningful words or sayings. Any of these unique gifts for mom is bound to keep her smiling the whole day.

#2:  Breakfast

If your mom is anything like mine, she would love to wake up and get dressed and not have to take care of anyone or anything. Why not treat her to a nice home-cooked breakfast that has everything she loves. Make sure to have everything set up so she can come in, ready to eat. Some ideas of what to serve her are:

  • Eggs cooked just the way she likes it
  • Cut up her favourite vegetables
  • Have a nice cup of hot coffee waiting for her
  • Fresh juice or a healthy smoothie if she prefers that
  • French toast or pancakes

Your mom deserves to be doted on and with this breakfast, her stomach and her heart will feel full. Make sure to clean up afterwards! 

#3  Clean the house 

While your mother is enjoying the day to relax and not worry about others, a nice added touch is to clean her house. Get the laundry sorted, sweep and mop the floors, wash the dishes and clean the kitchen counters. Those are just a few of the chores that you can do to help that will make such a difference in her day.

Have your mom get ready and dressed up for a nice dinner. Try to have reservations as it gets pretty busy in restaurants on Mother’s Day. Take her to her favourite restaurant and let her choose whatever she wants from the menu. By the night’s end, she is going to be overwhelmed with all the love and care that you provided her. After all, she does for you, this is an easy way to give back and show how much you care.

Take Away:

Show your mom just how much you care and love her. Follow these tips and ideas and you are guaranteed to bring a smile to her face on Mother’s Day, the most special day of the year. 

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