A look at how Deal or No Deal dominates the online casino world

For over 10 years, Channel 4’s hit game show Deal or No Deal graced our televisions.
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For over 10 years, Channel 4’s hit game show Deal or No Deal graced our televisions. It became somewhat of a tradition to gather around the table and watch the excitement of the dinner time program pan out whilst eating your grub. However, whilst most of us never had the chance to take part in the ‘all or peanuts game’ – as host Noel Edmonds described it – with the help of online casinos, and Deal or No Deal gambling, we can now, virtually, enter the ‘Dream Factory’ and try to walk away with pockets full of cash in a wide range of Deal or No Deal-themed games. Read on to find out more.


Deal or No Deal has always been about numbers – what numbered box will the contestant chose for themselves? In what order will they select the boxes as the game plays out? How much will the banker offer? And how much money will they walk away with? – so, it only makes sense for the popular TV show to have not one, but two Bingo games – both of which boast whopping jackpots! 

Deal or No Deal Bingo 90 is a take on the classic British game. However, alongside the three standard wins, which you’ll recognise from your local Bingo hall – 1 line, 2 lines, and Full House – this game also features a thrilling bonus game, and a jackpot, which initially starts at a mouth-watering £10,000! So, make sure to check up on how they both work before you get started! 

If you don’t have time for 90 ball Bingo, or you just fancy something a bit quicker, then Deal or No Deal Bingo 75 is the game for you. 75 ball Bingo tickets are made up of five rows, 5 columns and 25 squares, and there’s five ways to win – 1 line, 2 lines, 3 lines, 4 lines and 5 lines! Of course, with it being a Deal or No Deal game, the standard line wins just wouldn’t cut it. That’s why this variant also features an initial £7,500 jackpot and a bonus game! Again, check the information page before you get started so you know how they work. 


When it comes to Slots, you’ll be spoilt for choice on ways to beat the devious Banker, as there is a massive range of games to choose from, including Deal or No Deal, Deal or No Deal: The Perfect Play, Deal or No Deal: What’s in Your Box, The Banker’s Riches, Deal or No Deal: Go all the Way, Deal or No Deal: Double Action, and Deal or No Deal Megaways.

If you want a game similar to the Deal or No Deal fruit machine, that sits in the corner of your local pub, then you’ll have plenty of choice as The Perfect Play, Go all the Way, and Double Action are all fruity-themed. If you want to be in with a chance of winning a life-changing jackpot, then look no further than Deal or No Deal Megaways and What’s in Your Box. Both games boast massive jackpots, which, at the time of writing, were in excess of £3.7 million. 

Of course, if you just want to live out the electrifying tension and tough decisions of the show for yourself, then load-up Deal or No Deal. Start by picking your lucky box, and as you plough through the rest, the Banker will try to persuade you with offers, but will you crumble under the pressure or will you outsmart the Banker? You’ll have to give it a go to find out! 

If you’re more into instant wins, then there is also a range of Deal or No Deal scratch cards, including Deal or No Deal Quick Scratch and Deal or No Deal: What’s in Your Box Scratchcard, whilst if you’re bonkers for Blackjack, the Red Tiger’s innovate twist on one of the world’s favourite casino games, Deal or No Deal Blackjack, is the game for you. 

Whatever your go-to, make one thing for certain – you must beat the Banker! 

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