4 Tips For Tackling Your Least Favorite Chores

We all have a least favorite chore.
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We all have a least favorite chore. Maybe you can’t stand washing dishes or it could be that folding laundry gets under your skin. Whatever task drives you to frustration, the problem with chores is that, at the end of the day, they all still need to get done – and buying a dozen specialty tools, such as power squeegees and broom cleaners, isn’t the answer. No, all you really need are a few simple tricks to help you power through the process.

Create Time-Sensitive Incentives

Incentives are key to convincing kids to finish boring tasks, whether it’s homework or their own chores, but adults often hesitate to give ourselves the same encouragement. Well, it’s time to make use of this classic motivational strategy. When faced with an unpleasant chore, pair it with a time-sensitive beauty task like a face mask or hair treatment. This will encourage you to complete your chore before it’s time to rinse off your mask or jump in the shower.

The Right Tools For The Job

While an array of tech-forward tools and specialty devices may now exist for different chores, those items are rarely the right tool for the job. Most of the time, all you need are the basic tools – cleaning solution, a vacuum, some rags, a broom. Still, you should be strategic about even the most traditional tools. A heavy vacuum cleaner, for example, will discourage you from vacuuming regularly. Instead, choose a light, cordless vacuum that won’t cause you to throw out your back because you need to vacuum your second floor.

Create Baseline Rules

One reason that so many of us delay chores that we don’t like is that we let them get out of control before getting down to business. If this is a problem for you, there are a few steps you can take to tackle the problem. First, you can set a schedule for doing your chores so that you don’t let tasks pile up – this is especially important for tasks that only need to be done monthly or quarterly. 

Another way to manage your chores so that they don’t get out of control is by creating basic upkeep rules. For example, if you don’t like doing the dishes, but you have a dishwasher, then all dirty dishes should be rinsed and immediately put into the dishwasher if it’s ready to be loaded. These rules don’t have to be dramatic or transform you into an entirely new, tidy person, but they should keep things from getting out of control.

Don’t Make Things Harder

If you’re not a professional cleaner, it’s understandable that you may not know the best ways to tackle certain projects. That’s what the internet is for! Before trying to clean stubborn stains or do a difficult or frustrating chore, find out how the pros do it. Rather than immediately getting down on the floor to scrub tile grout, for example, any expert will advise you to apply OxyClean and water and let it sit for 15 minutes first. That will make cleaning much easier – and leave you much less frustrated.

Housekeeping may always feel like a bit of a slog, but you shouldn’t dread it. Instead, take a moment and be strategic. You have all the tools you need to tackle these tasks, and maybe even make a few of them fun.

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