Outspoken Author Prescribes “The Pink Pill” For Black Women

Meet a “Pink Pill” Woman – She’s Smart, Polished, Elegant, Shrewd, and Confident. She can pick up on subtle social cues, respond instead of reacting, and win over any room.

Do you remember that iconic best-selling 1990s book, The Rules, that helped women redefine the dating game to win at love? Well, Christelyn Karazin’s bestselling online course, The Pink Pill, is “The Rules” for Black women. The Pink Pill is a series of online courses for black women who want to level up in all areas of their lives, from their relationships and dating to their personal communication style and careers.

According to Pink Pill Creator, Christelyn Karazin, “The reason this course is so important for us, as black women, is that it teaches the more subtle, softer skills that other groups of women have used to win for decades. There is a sort of cultural shorthand that is socially and professionally acceptable within our own community but doesn’t garner positive results when we venture out into other ecosystems. Historically, we have paid too big a price. As black women, we have to be culturally ‘bilingual.’ The Pink Pill courses teach black women the subtle, unspoken language of communication and presentation that we need in order to win.”

In addition to Christelyn’s flagship course, The Pink Pill, she is now offering The Pink Pill for College (which she regularly awards scholarships for) and her newly launched online course, The Pink Pill for Business.

Christelyn Karazin’s Pink Pill courses have won rave reviews from women, launching a digital empire in the process and achieving unprecedented success in the online course space, earning nearly $500,000 in sales revenues in the first year of The Pink Pill’s launch. The launch of The Pink Pill for Business has earned $100,000 within the first month of its launch, placing Karazin’s course on track for more than $1 Million in course sales revenue within a year of its launch.

The success of Karazin’s courses is quite possibly because it is needed. According to a recently published document titled, The State of Black Women in Corporate America, “Black women are severely underrepresented in senior leadership, their successes are often discounted and black women often receive less support from management among other points that the study highlights.” Even more discouraging, is a statistic the study cites that 41% of black women in corporate America have never had any substantial interaction with the upper management of the companies they work for.”

Women who have taken The Pink Pill or who have been “pink pilled” as they like to call it, are passing the word on to other women, establishing an exclusive secret society for black women that is no longer so secret. Media personality Omarosa and acclaimed actress Gloria Reuben (ER, Lincoln, Law & Order: SVU) recently gave shoutouts to The Pink Pill on social media, applauding a self-improvement course created specifically for black women. Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger, recently allowed Christelyn Karazin to take over her Instagram and Twitter accounts to launch The Pink Pill For Business, as part of an ongoing social media campaign to amplify melanated voices. We also hear that actress Niecy Nash has now been viewing The Pink Pill course, online.

Karazin says that her most recent online course, The Pink Pill For Business, shares well-guarded secrets that she says, “most women of other backgrounds already know, but that absolutely no one ever shares with us until it is far too late.” She adds, “so many of us grew up in homes where our mothers and grandmothers were overwhelmed with work, and were focused on their family’s month-to-month survival. They didn’t have the time to teach us these things, and we have suffered for it. It’s time for us to teach each other. That’s The Pink Pill.”

The Pink PillThe Pink Pill For College and The Pink Pill For Business are all available online. Follow Christelyn on Instagram @Christelyn, and search The Pink Pill on YouTube

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