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3 Reasons to Apply for an MSN Program

Becoming a nurse gives you great career options and the chance to help others. However, enrolling in a Master of Science in Nursing program could enhance your career even further. If you’re thinking about applying for an MSN Nursing program, take a look at these three reasons why it could be the best decision you’ve ever made:

1. More Responsibility

Completing an advanced degree and obtaining another qualification will give you the opportunity to take on more responsibility, if you choose to. After successfully obtaining an MSN in Nursing, you’ll be prepared to apply for a wider variety of job roles. If you want to specialize in a particular area, take on supervisory roles or become a Nurse Practitioner, for example, you’ll have the qualifications and experience you need to succeed. 

2. Higher Income

When you’re able to take on more responsibility at work, you can command a higher salary too. As a Registered Nurse, you can earn around $71,000 per year, for example, but you could earn upwards of $107,000 as a General Nurse Practitioner. If you want to boost your earnings while furthering your career, studying for an advanced qualification can be the easiest way to achieve your goals. As well as obtaining the qualifications you’ll need, the theoretical and practical knowledge you’ll gain will stand you in good stead for the future. 

3. Study Online

Traditionally, completing an advanced qualification, like an MSN Nursing, meant taking time off work to attend campus and prepare for examinations. For many people, the inevitable gap in their income meant that this simply wasn’t a viable option. However, you no longer have to interrupt your career or take time off work in order to obtain the qualifications you need. 

By completing your Master of Science in Nursing online, you can combine your academic commitments with your current job role. When studying with a reputable online provider, like Wilkes University, you can complete the program virtually, which means you won’t have to worry about campus attendance or traveling. With a dedicated BSN to MSN program, CCNE accreditation and a place in the top 10% of ranked institutions for graduate earnings, Wilkes University gives you the opportunity to transform your career by studying online. 

Additionally, online MSN programs typically have multiple entry options, so you can begin your course at a time that suits you. Rather than having to start in September or October, you can select when to start your MSN course, depending on your job and personal responsibilities. 

Is an MSN Worth It?

No matter how or where you choose to study, completing a Master of Science in Nursing takes commitment, dedication and hard work. Despite this, the vast majority of graduates find that their qualification has a direct impact on their career prospects. When you’re able to fulfil your goals as a medical professional, there isn’t a more rewarding career choice. If you want to become a more experienced, knowledgeable and respected nurse, then enrolling in an MSN program could certainly be the right option for you. With more responsibility, higher earning power and flexible study options, you can take the first step towards your new career path today. 

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