5 Monday Project Management Alternatives + Review

Monday.com which used to be called DaPulse is a project management block. It has been there for use…
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Monday.com which used to be called DaPulse is a project management block. It has been there for use for some time. Therefore, this software has made a mark in the industry for being the greatest project management tool for more than a decade.  Monday.com project management tool comes equipped with a multitude of features to help with team management and project delivery. If so, why consider the Monday project management alternative

However, similar to all entities across the world, this tool is also not perfect. It does not provide all solutions because it lacks some basic features. 

Here are the top 5 alternatives: 

  1. Jira 

Jira is a project management tool and acts as the best Monday.com alternative. It is a tool that has been developed by Atlassian. The reason to choose this product is that it offers customization from scrum boards. 

Besides, it also gives good visibility so you can effectively organize tasks. This project management tool, helps you do your job faster especially with its new mobile interface. 

  1. Microsoft project 

Microsoft project is another alternative to Monday.com. You need this platform for small to big tasks suitable for large-sized companies. Microsoft Project is an advanced tool that helps you monitor your project processes effectively. 

Depending on your needs for the project management tool, the price plans will vary. It comes with customizable charts that visualize the workflow better. It, therefore, becomes a great choice when you want a simple and clear interface. 

  1. Smartsheet 

If you’re looking for an alternative tool to Monday.com, smartsheet is a great platform to pick. With a smartsheet, you can maximize your productivity with excel-like sheets giving you complete detail. 

The Smartsheet tool comes with a user-friendly interface. With stored templates, you can use depending on your business. Besides, it also offers you more features. 

  1. Asana 

Asana is another Monday.com alternative in our list to consider. This software is a cloud-based software solution for project management you can use to manage your projects at the same time. 

Asana features task management, reporting, notifications, tools among others. Moreover, it comes with useful features you require in your organization. Therefore, using this software, you can stay on track or update new changes. 

  1. Avaza

This is another great option you can use and manage your projects effectively. An advantage, you can use on your phone, PC, or through the web. It also suitable for use because of the super-user-friendly interface. 

The software has project budgeting, project dashboards, a powerful reports system and activity feeds. These features make this software the best alternative. 

Moreover, you can schedule, edit the assignments, and drop features. It also holds more useful features. 


In the article, we have mentioned top best Monday.com alternatives suitable for different devices you can choose for your project. Each type of software has unique features that make them suit different types of companies. Therefore, choose software that suits your projects. Such software effectively helps you manage your project and have ease workflow in the company.

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