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Nothing can match up the relationship you enjoy with loved ones and family.
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Nothing can match up the relationship you enjoy with loved ones and family. Through personalized books and photo card templates, one can share memories by preserving the pictures in those albums that match your style and flair. Mixbook will allow you to blend outstanding trending designs with advanced editing tools to create an album you will love. Their famed DIY software icon develops numerous designs for products, including calendars, invitations, decors, photo books, and cards. Unleash your creative self by reaching out to Mixbook today.

About Mixbook

The Mixbook software has been in the works since 2006. Over 15 million projects have already been developed for the record, not including the printed products and pictures shared by more than 5 million customers. So, how has Mixbook achieved such incredible success?

Personalized books and albums, to begin with, are used to share memories with generations on end about bereaved loved ones, particular occasions or maybe learning purposes in the future. What’s more, getting that personalized album for your friends or loved ones serves as a great gift on various occasions, such as holidays, graduations, and more. With Mixbook, the user is in total control of the design process.

How To Get Started

Get started by picking an exclusive theme from your favorite professional designer or develop a personalized design from Mixbook’s Blank Book. If you select the latter, you can customize it to match your style using the multiple design elements. The customized blank books come in numerous shapes to make them easy for all to work with- start with either the portrait, landscape, or square shape.

Proceed to upload photos from anywhere- be it your computer, social media, Google photos, phone, or collect pictures from friends. The Mixbook software is quite flexible and allows you to control personalizing text, layouts, stickers, images, etc.

Furthermore, you can use the software to fit a preferred color on the background, fill the books automatically with photos, or even merge with family or friends to develop the story together. When finalizing, select the right paper type (hard/soft-cover) and size, not forgetting an attractive cover to give the photo book a feel and look you like.

About Reviews

Many customers highly rate the Mixbook software. According to most of them, Mixbook offers high-quality and durable photo album designs. Most users recommend it for its easy customization features and attractive template designs. To find out more about the service, check out their website for some reviews from other customers.


In case you have any queries or concerns about Mixbook, feel free to reach out to Mixbook at any time via live chat or email. The Mixbook support staff is quite responsive!

To sum up, Mixbook is an exceptional photo-editing software. With their multiple unique templates, you can preserve and share memories with family and close friends. Whenever your product is ready, shipment is made right at your doorstep. Are you seeking a photo book that will stand out from the crowd? – reach out to Mixbook today.

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