Edidion Comes Full Throttle with New Single ‘Bugatti’

Edidion – one name, one vision: The singer from London, UK, cooked up R&B music in England’s underground scenes since 2010. Influenced by his musical icons Michael Jackson, Usher, Prince, and Craig David, he early on showed a keen interest in music, dance, and performing arts which he pursued both professionally and academically, following his strong beliefs of “if you don’t take that risk and take that leap, you won’t get to your dreams”.

His drive eventually gained him streaming success all over different platforms, pushed by his single release “Turnin” that after strong feedback from fans and pals from the industry made him shoot a street style dance music video in New York City in 2019. In addition, American radio stations caught the attention of the young British artist with roots from Nigeria (whose name actually comes from the Akwa Ibom area to be exact). College stations like UC Berkeley’s KALX radio showed their support by playing his music, backed up by UK stations as well, where airplay on Amazing, Unique, and Riverside Radio helped boost his catalogue.

Now after his praised release “Turnin” as well as his buzz single “I’m the One” (both 2019), Edidion finally comes back with his new release “Bugatti” – a modern party track in a trap package. A club banger, it also has deeper meanings described by him as an “empowering anthem about self-love and owning your greatness”. As he’s known to write all his songs by himself, “Bugatti” is one of the many where he puts pen and paper together to share his life experiences, yet let you dance to the beat as well.

“Bugatti” Single Cover

In a funny twist though, Edidion actually lacked the motivation to record any music in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other sad events that were going on. But when asking his fans if they were ready for new music, and giving him an instant yes, it didn’t take him long to go back and create new content. Originally leaning towards a ballad in the style of Michael Jackson’s “We Are the World”, he was caught by surprise when his fanbase asked for the exact opposite. An up-tempo dance song was requested instead, so Edidion responded to his crowd, shopped for some new and fresh beats, finding that new beat eventually and started writing to it, with “Bugatti” as end result.

Though the song at first seems materialistic and on the surface, it actually was crafted with a deeper personal meaning. Edidion explains his intentions behind the song: “I was bullied severely growing up and being a black man that wants to become a full-time musician has its challenges. A lot of people have ignored me, refused to give my music a chance, I’ve trusted the wrong people, I’ve been taken advantage of, I’ve dealt with people online trolling me because they think I’m not going to make it. So I wrote “Bugatti” as a response to all the naysayers and I knew that so many other people could relate to what I’m singing about so I decided to make a club banger that people can enjoy but also identify with.” Therefore, personal struggles finally made him kick back, releasing his new single as a response. 


Furthermore, as this is his first song in the direction of trap and hip-hop, Edidion listened to rappers like Future, Drake and Travis Scott for inspiration: “I love rap and hip-hop so it was really fun stepping into that lane and making it my own.” The song itself plays around with street attitude mixed with his message to stand up against haters and therefore creates a nice blend between a club banger and a re-introduction of himself as an artist, even giving a nod to basketball legend Kobe Bryant in the lyrics: “They don’t know me / They shootin’ ‘cause I’m ballin’ like I’m Kobe”.

A music video will follow up as well: “I played the song for my family and close friends and they collectively said that I should do a music video so my fans can definitely look forward to some really cool things regarding “Bugatti” in the future.”

Bugatti” is available now for streaming and download. You can check out the song here:

“Bugatti” Lyric Video

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