5 Common DIY E-Juice Mistakes: Do This Instead

Once a person becomes familiar with vaping, they may decide to expand on their skills and try making…
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Once a person becomes familiar with vaping, they may decide to expand on their skills and try making their own e-juice. Everyone must start somewhere, and most people fail when they first create their own e-liquids. However, don’t give up. Men and women find DIY vaping to be extremely rewarding, as it allows them to express their creativity in a fun way and save money while doing so. Furthermore, they get more control over what they put into their bodies. However, expect mistakes when you are first starting out. What are some common mistakes beginners make when making their own e-juice?

Common Errors

Mistakes happen. It’s how a person responds to these mistakes that determines whether the process is a success or failure. When a person learns from their error, they add to their skill set and gain confidence knowing they won’t make the same mistake again. Nevertheless, it’s always helpful to know which mistakes brewers frequently make and how to avoid them. Get this information and then check out deals from Indejuice to get started with your first DIY e-juice.

Ingredient Selection

One reason people make their own e-juice is they wish to save money. They believe a simple way to do so is to purchase ingredients with a lower price tag. However, the quality of the ingredients plays a significant role in the quality of the finished product. When brewers use inferior products, they will not produce excellent e-juice. How do cheap ingredients negatively affect e-liquid?

These ingredients often contain impurities that alter the flavor in a way that is unintended by the maker. Although there are situations where the maker is satisfied with the outcome, they often end up discarding the e-juice because it has an undesirable taste. Furthermore, the impurities could make their way into the user’s system and bring about health problems.

Another danger seen when impurities appear in the e-liquid involves the malfunctioning of the vape device. They might interfere with the vaporization of the e-liquid and result in clogs in the tank, dry hits, and more. Avoid these issues by purchasing USP-grade ingredients from reputable providers.

Creating Huge Batches at First

Never create a huge batch of e-liquid until you have achieved the correct flavor. First-time brewers frequently make this mistake and end up discarding the entire batch because it isn’t to their liking. It’s best, to begin with, a small batch and makes adjustments until you like the result. While a mixture might look good on paper, once you have blended the ingredients, make adjustments. It’s easier to do so with a small batch, as less money is being spent when the outcome is unknown.

One thing brewers might wish to do is master a generic blend and break it down into smaller portions. They can then experiment with different combinations knowing they have a solid foundation to build on. However, using this method involves mastering the generic blend, and they cannot rush this process. Take the time to do so, as it will pay off in ways the new brewer cannot even imagine.

Excessive Flavoring

Less is more with flavoring, especially for those new to DIY e-juices. People often assume adding more flavoring leads to a stronger taste. In certain situations, they are right, but one can never know until they have finalized the blend. Additionally, an excess of flavor could negatively impact the consistency of the e-juice and make it difficult for the device to vaporize the liquid. Finally, a strong flavor overwhelms the palate and makes the e-liquid unappetizing.

Start small when adding any flavor and add in tiny increments until you achieve the desired taste.  Add each flavor individually so it becomes easier to determine which flavor needs changing and by how much. Although this takes time, it’s time well spent in the long run.

Inaccurate Measurements

Accurate measurements remain critical when creating e-liquids. Proportions of the four key ingredients ensure the e-liquid is as expected when the process is complete. Never assume that adding more of one ingredient or less of another is harmless. Users will notice the changes even when they are slight. An inaccurate measurement, no matter how minor, could result in an unusable batch of large proportions.

When in doubt regarding the correct proportions, look for formulas on the internet. Furthermore, calculators designed to break down the proportions, taking into account nicotine strength preferences and the desired VG/PG ratio, become of great help. Review this information before starting each batch for the best results and an e-liquid you will love.

Flavor Profile

New brewers allow their imagination to run away with them. They wish to create the perfect flavor with their first batch, and the complexity dooms them from the start. Keep it simple when first starting out, as too many components in the same batch lead to a flavor profile that is overwhelming and muddy. Users will find the taste is unpleasant and they don’t want to use the e-liquid or share it with others.

At this time, it’s best to pick two individual flavors and stick to them. For instance, mix chocolate and mint, as this combination goes well together. Don’t try to create a hot fudge sundae complete with mint ice cream, chocolate syrup, nuts, sprinkles, and a cherry on top. Although these components blend well in a hot fudge sundae, it doesn’t mean they will in an e-liquid. Once the first two ingredients have been mastered and blend well together, add a third, then a fourth, and the fifth. With experience, brewers discover they can increase the complexity of their e-liquid because they have gained a better understanding of how to create the right balance and layer the individual flavoring extracts to enhance the taste.

Be prepared to make mistakes. Individuals who have been brewing their own juice for years still make blunders. It’s human nature. The key is to learn from every mistake. Men and women who do so find they improve their skills and create amazing e-liquids they cannot wait to share with others. 

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