College Tennis: When Should You Pursue It

Of all the college sports out there, tennis is one of the most exciting to try your hand…
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Of all the college sports out there, tennis is one of the most exciting to try your hand at – literally and metaphorically. The game has evolved quite a bit since the game was invented in the 1870s, relatively late when you come to think of it, and today college tennis is big.

Many college students ask themselves if they should pursue a career in college tennis, and with so many people already participating in tennis betting, interest in the game is certainly not lacking. However, when is the game a worthwhile endeavor? We set out to explore this question and hopefully furnish a helpful answer.

Thinking about College Tennis? Why Not Try!

The simplest way to approach this conundrum is not to philosophize but give it a go. Even if you are of a more academic-inclination by birth, doing a sport you love, and especially college tennis, will give you a great way to recharge yourself between studying sessions.

The game can also reveal another talent about you, i.e. that you are good at tennis, a game you clearly love to even consider playing it on a collegiate level and competitively.

Giving the game a shot is always a good idea. Clearly, you won’t be on the ATP men’s rankings or WTA women’s rankings when you start, but practicing with consistency for a while will give you a clearer idea of whether you are any good or where you can realistically make it to the top of the tennis pecking order.

There are examples of players who have started doubting themselves but made it to the top, and those who were pretty good but gave up because they doubted themselves too much. David Foster Wallace, for example, a famous writer, was great at college tennis, but he gave it up for academic pursuits. Should he not have done that, he might have become one of the best players of his generation.

Playing College Tennis Is More Accessible Than Ever

The great news is that you can play college tennis from anywhere. As long as you have determination and grit, you will find yourself improving weekly. College tennis is great fun because it will provide you with the competitive atmosphere in which you can thrive and excel.

College sport and particularly tennis will allow you to compete without making dramatic sacrifices. In the past, you would have to choose between education and trying your hand at tennis, for example. None of this is the case today, however. Instead, you can dive right into tennis and not skip a single lesson.

Another added benefit of the college tennis experience is that it’s much cheaper to participate in college tennis competitions. In fact, as long as you stay on top of your classes, you can indulge in this hobby to the point where you have enough information to decide if you want tennis to be a career path for you. The world of tennis is your oyster and college has made that possible.

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