Christopher Nolan Shares His Love For The ‘Fast And Furious’ Movies, Especially ‘Tokyo Drift’

He admitted to have a big soft spot for a franchise that’s as delightedly dumb as his are bolshily smart.

Recently, Christopher Nolan has been on a righteously mad tear laying into Warner Bros.

The company circulated his movies going back to Insomnia, in 2001, for their contentious new deal with HBO Max.

Releasing its entire 2021 film slate on the streamer the same day they hit theaters was definitely something that absolutely enraged him. He thinks is short-sighted and which could influence the future of big budget filmmaking.

Surprisingly there is a relatable thing he’s ever said: He’s a big fan of Fast and Furious movies.

Nolan was a guest on MTV’s Happy Sad Confused podcast. He seemingly coiled up being happier than sad or confused, getting so relaxed that he admitted to have a big soft spot for a franchise that’s as delightedly dumb as his are bolshily smart.

“I’m sort of an original recipe [guy],” Nolan said on the podcast. Saying there’s one he preferred more than the other seven titles, and it’s the one that has more cult appeal than the rest.  

“I mean the Rob Cohen original. But I’ve got a very soft spot for Tokyo Drift, actually. And then the skill as Justin Lin’s iterations, as they got crazier and bigger and crazier and bigger, they became something else, but something else kind of fun.”

He continued:

“The fun thing about those movies is even as they’ve gotten bigger and bigger and bigger, as sequels have to do … everyone always complains that sequels get bigger but we’re the people making sequels get bigger, we do want them bigger, you don’t want them smaller, it’s the Alien 3 lesson that [David] Fincher learned. You can do it but it’s not going to make anybody happy, even though personally I love that film, a lot more than he does in fact.”

So Nolan is also a fan of David Fincher’s Alien 3! And his razor sharp mind was evidently not broken by a franchise featuring skydiving cars and the planet’s longest runway. That said, he did admit he was an “original recipe guy,” preferring the more stripped-down and realistic (so to speak) entries.

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