Some Trump Supporters Boast Crowd Sizes By Using Photos From The March For Our Lives Protest

Thousands offered support for the rally in Washington D.C. for his continued unsuccessful attempts to overturn the election.

A cluster of people who support Donald Trump, although losing the 2020 presidential election, sure do like displaying their affection for him by getting together during a pandemic.

A rally in Washington D.C. on Saturday is a latest example, where thousands offered support for his continued unsuccessful attempts to overturn the election.

The latest pro-Trump rally drew some generally selfie moments and irrational conspiracy theories for Trump surrogates. Of course, the turn-out could surely have been even larger. In fact, some Trumpists posted a picture on Twitter of huge crowds — that just happened to be one from a different gathering, for a very different reason.

The photo in question was actually from the March For Our Lives protest in 2018, which happened in response to a rash of high-profile episodes of gun violence, organized by young people who were the victims of school shootings. Many were quick to point out the mistake.

A school shooting survivor, David Hogg, who became an activist against gun violence and took part in that protest, confirmed where the photo came from.

It’s another example of the separate reality in which many Trump supporters exist, where everything is about a vast conspiracy against Donald Trump. There are plenty of people who didn’t vote for Trump, but at least those that did could try and not make such obvious lies.

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