UFC Announcer Bruce Buffer Was Paid $299 To Help Them Break Up With Someone Over

Apparently, he goes all out on the video to get your money’s worth out of a 14 second video.

Cameo lets you make famous people record a personal message for someone. Now it became an incredibly popular way for people to do so, despite having similar companies that offer the same services.

They intended the site for people to celebrate things, but sometimes used to play jokes on their friends or, apparently, break up with their girlfriends or boyfriends in maybe the least personal way possible.

A video went viral on Sunday showing the legendary UFC ring announcer known for his very animated theatrics, Bruce Buffer, and his “IT’S TIME” catchphrase, presenting a message to some poor woman named Kayleigh to “move on.”

Apparently, he goes all out on the video to get your money’s worth out of a 14 second video with Bruce. He has the full tux jacket and bow tie look going for this one — although that’s apparently not standard — and does not mail in the “IT’S TIIIIIIMMMMMMMEEEEEEEE” in any way.

The same can be expected ahead of the main event in the Octagon on a big fight night in Las Vegas. Bruce Buffer Cameo’s are not cheap. Telling Kayleigh was over was worth $299 to whomever paid for this video, which really tells you how bad things were going in this relationship.

I love that he says he only films in a tux if he’s already in a tux at the time, and the reason why he was able to do this one in his tux is that he apparently chose to film this before going to work at UFC 256 because (as you can see from the above image from fight night) he is in the exact same fit.

What a legend.

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