4 Tips for Planning the Perfect Valentine’s Day

A holiday for lovers, planning the perfect Valentine’s Day can be both fun and romantic. If you take…

A holiday for lovers, planning the perfect Valentine’s Day can be both fun and romantic. If you take the time to put thought into it, this Valentine’s Day can be more than the standard greeting card and box of chocolates. Here are four ideas for planning the perfect Valentine’s Day ahead of time in a way that will make Cupid proud.

1. Make it Unique.

A common gift for Valentine’s Day, jewelry is often expected. But one way to make this year unique is to think of a rustic jewelry piece. This is something you can plan out ahead of time. Places to find this type of jewelry include thrift shops, antique shops, and even online. One way to make handmade or rustic jewelry special is to consider ordering a custom piece. There are craftsmen waiting for your call.

Think about special symbols or that first song you danced to. Ideas are endless when it comes to ways to celebrate your love. Whether looking for that beaded dolphin pendant that reminds you of your first trip to the beach, or thinking about having your anniversary date carved into wood, a simple online search could point you in the right direction of something a little more unique than the standard birthday stone heart.

While you are planning out the perfect piece, think about accessories too. A matching pair of rustic earrings, ring, or watch could make the rustic piece even more special and complete.

2. Remember the basics.


Gift chocolates, pendants, flowers, and stuffed animals are classics for this holiday for a reason. While you want to think outside the box to make this Valentine’s Day one to remember, it’s always good to slip in a traditional gift too. Whether it’s the perfect greeting card or that box of sweets, don’t forget to give a nod to the basics before that Valentine’s special date. Be sure to stop at your local florist ahead of time to get a better deal on that perfect bouquet.

If you aren’t sure about adding the basics, there are ways to make the classic rose and chocolates gift unique to you and your loved one. With some planning ahead of time, you could opt for a rose carved of wood or a chocolate kiss with a custom message. Doing some homework could mean the difference from a last-minute bouquet to one that is more representative of your lover and you.

3. Raise the bar.


You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make Valentine’s Day special. Instead, thoughtful gifts might be just the ticket to letting your loved one know how much you care. An old coffee tin or glass jar repurposed into an “I love you jar” could quickly become a favorite if you think of creative ways to use them. What about making a list of things you appreciate about your Valentine? Write what makes you love them so much on slips of paper and stuff the jar or can with them. This is something they will be able to go back to all year long when they are looking for reassurance about how much you love them. The time and thought you put into this project alone might just be enough to make your Valentine’s Day one to remember.

4. Don’t forget others you love.


While taking the time to write out why you love your partner, don’t forget about others you love too. Take time to plan to say I love you to friends and family too through cards, notes, or even a gift card to a favorite store or subscription service. And don’t forget about food. Throughout history, people have shown their love through food. Consider learning a new recipe and making your loved ones their favorite dinner or dessert. A shared meal is sentimental and that time out to celebrate each other is important too.

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