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Self Care is Not Selfish and Will Improve All Relationships to Boot

It is important to work and care for yourself and others, but giving ourselves a certain quality of time is essential to maintain a healthy relationship with ourselves, our family, friends and even our pets. There are many benefits to self care, it is not about our own health and well-being.

Don’t Neglect Yourself

If we neglect ourselves for long periods of time, our bodies accumulate negative energy and ultimately we will pass that energy on to the people we care about, which could potentially ruin our personal relationships.

Partner Relationships    

In addition to maintaining health and productivity, self-care is also crucial to maintaining a perfect relationship with your partner. Self-care means loving yourself more, which also means taking care of your body and mind. While we care about ourselves and each other, we must of course care first about ourselves, and then about our friends and family.

Dazzle in the Bedroom

An exciting sex life is important when it comes to intimacy and human connection and nothing raises the bar in bed more than the use of the best sex toys. We are partly sex-made people and as such we should do everything in our power to have more fun. With the right level of self-care and a healthy balance between physical and mental health, you can start a great sex life.

Open Minds

Therefore, you should keep an open mind about sex and try some sex toys, and then introduce the idea of sex toys to your partner. For reasons mentioned above, you should absolutely learn how to use these, experience passion from all angles, and enjoy sex positions that promote a wide range of sexual experiences for you and your partner/s.

Don’t worry, there are ways to introduce the toy/s smoothly and seamlessly and use it as a pair. All you need is to find a way to make the suggestion, figure out how well it works for you and your partner (this depends greatly on how well you know them), and choose the best time to do so. You may need to broach the subject more than once, or you may even need to articulate and calm it down, and then gently loosen the subject to have a frank and open conversation.

Getting your partner to accept your idea is not the end of your mission, on the contrary, it is the beginning. While you hope to meet them halfway, combat your fear of the unknown by doing thorough fun practise with each other  on how to use sex toys and make them a loving and exiting part of your time together.

Start your journey

Start your journey with a visit to online sex toy shops together, take time at home alone or with your partner and play with the toys to try them out. Even in a relationship, you should not lose your authenticity and rely on the other half to confirm themselves. Be relaxed, invest time and effort into taking things to the next level, have some flirty chat,  and let them control your pleasure. Otherwise they will see your toy as a competitor. Play around with it and enjoy the experience together.

Make sure you maintain these things, whether it’s getting dressed up, doing your hair, making yourself incredible, or just being yourself. Increase your self-confidence and self-esteem, which is probably one of the most attractive attributes in a relationship.

Self Time is Very Important

Some people prefer and enjoy their time alone, others struggle with their own company for too long. You can also run the risk of spending too much time together as a couple and not having enough of your own independence. If you find it hard to enjoy your time together, you should devote yourself to a hobby or try something new. Finding the right balance is vital and all relationships are different. Remember to not compare your relationship with others. Just keep your focus on your own life situations and what works best for you and your partner.

Explore yourself fully

Take the time to explore your body in its entirety, what you like and dislike, and explore all its facets. You can then confidently enhance your sex and love life with each step and share it with your beautiful partner. To further enhance your experience, follow these steps to order, explore and learn more about sex toys. Enjoy lots of new adventures in your sex life!

The big C Communication

Sometimes it is enough to talk to your best friend or confidante about your thoughts and feelings, about sex, love, relationships and self-care. They are a great support system and help you cope with stress and other problems that have an impact on your life and health. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately, take a breather and organise a date with a friend. It not only charges the batteries, but also brings a lot of positive energy, that can automatically filter down into other personal relationships.

Personal Boundary Setting is Paramount

Setting personal boundaries is an important aspect of self-care, because it teaches other people how to deal with you. Physical boundaries affect your body and everything related to your personal space, while emotional boundaries include all aspects of your feelings. Understanding and appreciating a partner’s limits prevents physical, emotional and mental stress. Therefore, boundaries define what is and is not different between you and your person or partner, which contributes to a healthy relationship.

On this basis, developing a happy and healthy relationship enables a healthy balance between physical, emotional and mental health, and self-care.

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