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When is it Best to Take CBD?

For many people using CBD, it’s a lifestyle choice that they may end up using regularly. Therefore, it’s important to determine when is the best time throughout the day to use it to maximize its effectiveness as well as limit the disruption it may cause. 

Of course, there are many different varieties within the CBD industry, ranging from edibles to lotions and the more recognizable oils. Each variety has its own best methods of use, so here’s a guide to determine what these methods and times are.  

What’s the Reason?

People take CBD for many different reasons and these can range from aiding in the treatment of specific symptoms such as acne to regulating mood, potentially combating depression, appeasing appetite, as well as so much more. This means that the time of day you should take your CBS is largely determined by what you want to get out of it. 

For example, for people who use it to improve their sleep, then it is, as expected, best to take some before bedtime. For others who use CBD to manage pain from an injury, then it’s best to take it when the pain flairs up. What is an issue is that CBD reacts differently for each individual, meaning that a time of the day that works for one person may not be the best for another. 

That’s why it’s a good idea to experiment with different times when you first start using the product. Here’s a rule, though: when experimenting with how the product will affect you and to what extent the side effects such as nausea, tiredness and irritability might be, it’s best to avoid taking CBD in the mornings to limit it negatively affecting your working day. 

Think About the Dosage 

The amount of CBD you plan to take can really influence when is best to ingest it, as higher doses may be more potent, which could seriously affect your productivity, so it is recommended that it’s taken when you have less responsibilities to manage, such as in the evenings after a shift at work. Each product will have a recommended dosage on the packaging and it’s important to stick to that when you’re starting out to get the desired CBD oil effects.

If the dosage is pretty large, there is the option to split the dosage throughout the day, so that you get a more evenly spread sensation as you go about life. For example, taking half of the dosage in the morning and then half in the evening can be a great way to get the benefits, while reducing the side effects.

Consider The Product 

The type of CBD product really alters the best time to take it. For example, with slow release CBD capsules, you’ll want to take it in the morning so that they can release its potential anti-anxiety properties throughout the day. However, with CBD vapes, users tend to simply use the product when they need its effects, as its suggested benefits work almost instantaneously. The same can be said for lotions and topicals as they can be applied locally to areas of pain for quick relief. 

To best determine the right time for taking your CBD, you need to consider all three of these points to find the right time that ultimately works for you. 

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