How to Get Your New England Band Noticed

Are you ready to take your band to the next level? The music industry is a place where…
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Are you ready to take your band to the next level? The music industry is a place where anyone can find stardom, no matter your beginnings. All you need is passion, talent, and practice. If you’re reading this article, that means you’re ready to go all in and start your career in music. Regardless of your music genre, our guide to getting your New England band noticed will help you get on the right track to achieving your music dreams!

Have the Best Equipment

The most important part of getting your band noticed is having the best ability to play your music so audiences can listen and enjoy. Obviously, the talent of your band is a huge part of that notion; however, having the best possible equipment so crowds can hear your performance clearly is essential to your success. The best way to ensure you have the best equipment is by doing your research per instrument. 

New England drummers should look into places like the Drum Center of Portsmouth because at DCP, there are plenty of top-notch drums, symbols, cases, amps, and more to invest in. There are so many other places that sell excellent guitars, synths, and other instruments to look into. A tip to sniff the best brands out is to go on the social media of the bands you enjoy. Often times, they tag the brands of the instruments they use in their pictures.

Name Your Band

Naming your band is equally exciting as it is daunting. Make sure it is a name that can grow with your band, as many groups go through different eras of looks, sounds, and more. It is important to register your group’s name as soon as possible and ensure no one else claims it. 

Find Your Sound

Having a distinct and unique sound is vital to starting out. Your sound is an opportunity to really set your band apart from others. Whether you are a cover band, putting an interesting twist on the classics, or writing original songs, your band must find its sound. Though it may change over the years, it is essential to have a strong sound. 

Also, If you are writing original songs, it is highly recommended that you consider copyrighting any notable melodies, lyrics, and other written works.

Find Gigs

Now that you have a name and your starting sound figured out, it is time to perform! Finding gigs in New England may sound intimidating, but the area is full of opportunities for newcomers. With its vast collegiate institutions, New England colleges and universities have a plethora of opportunities to perform at many types of events. Whether as an opener for acapella groups, pep rallies, or as the main entertainment for parties, there are many places to play on or around campuses. 

Learning some dancefloor hits and offering your services as a wedding band is very lucrative. Also, local coffee shops, theatres, and more are available to perform at that specifically are interested in new talent. A quick Google search or walk around the block may reveal some potential gig locations!

Have a Social Media Presence 

Once you start playing frequently and appearing at local venues, your band will start to garner a fan base. Having a social media presence gives your fans an opportunity to stay connected. Make sure to stay active on all appropriate platforms as it reminds your fans of their love for your music and gives your group an opportunity to interact with them. 


Just starting out in the music industry is intimidating. Hopefully, with our tips, you feel prepared to make a new debut. Happy playing!

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