Sacha Baron Cohen Talks About The Big Risks ‘Borat 2’ Took While Interviewing Rudy Giuliani

Giuliani refused to take a rapid test. Obviously, this presented an ethical nightmare for production.

Probably one of the biggest & most memorable moments of Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is when Rudy Giuliani is sticking his hands down his pants while being interviewed by a young woman he just met.

As to why it was saved until the very end of the movie was for a reason. Sacha Baron Cohen and his team still can’t believe the scene actually occurred, even up to this day. Director Jason Woliner recently revealed that Giuliani was given several opportunities to realize he was being played.

However, he never once caught on as he continued to try and seduce Borat’s daughter played by Maria Bakalova.

Cohen opens up about trying to entangle at least one member of Trump’s inner circle in a new interview with Variety. Donald Trump Jr. was a potential target at one point before finding an opening with Giuliani, but the team ran into a possibly unsafe hindrance. Due to filming during the pandemic, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm was following strict guidelines to protect the cast and crew including routine testing. Giuliani, however, refused to take a rapid test. Obviously, this presented an ethical nightmare for production.

“There was this debate of what do we do?” Cohen told Variety. “Do we go ahead with this scene? What happens if he has coronavirus? We concluded that it was worth the risk.”
While Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is technically a comedy, the film is ultimately about exposing the “danger of Trump and Trumpism,” which have helped lead to the current pandemic conditions in America.

So for Cohen, it was worth the risk to expose Giuliani, who as close to Trump’s inner circle as it gets, and the Borat star is very pleased with the final outcome. “I do feel happy that every time his name is mentioned as he tries to undermine the election, people are reminded that this is the guy with his hand down his underpants.”

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