5 Crimes and the Reasons for Them

Criminality has always been a part of society. For as long as humans have attempted to live in…

Criminality has always been a part of society. For as long as humans have attempted to live in civilizations, they have instituted rules they collectively feel they should follow. Most people try to live their lives in a law-abiding fashion, but there are always those who don’t.

We’ll take a moment today to look at five common crimes. We’ll also go over the reasons why people perpetrate these particular offenses.


Many people shoplift. It is tough to say just how many, but stores lose millions to retail theft every year. Individuals might choose to shoplift because:

  • They don’t have the money for a particular item
  • They want to experience a thrill

You hear stories about people stealing bread to feed their starving families, but in reality, that doesn’t happen much. More often than not, people steal things they don’t even need. They want the adrenaline rush that comes when they put something in a coat pocket and try to sneak out with it.

Some people regard shoplifting as a victimless crime. You’re hurting a corporation’s bottom line when you do it, but you might not feel like that’s so bad.

If you do it, though, it might have unintended consequences. For example, if security spots you and chases you, you might knock someone over, causing them to hit their head.

The World Health Organization says that fall-related injuries kill about 646,000 people around the globe each year. If you knock someone over and accidentally kill them while trying to escape from a crime scene, the police could potentially charge you with manslaughter. You could spend several years in prison for what you thought was a harmless crime.


The police regard vandalism as a petty crime, much like shoplifting. You might vandalize something because:

  • You’re feeling bored, and you want the adrenaline rush
  • You want to get back at a person or organization

Teens often vandalize properties because they want to show off for their friends. However, you might vandalize something because you’re trying to make a point.

Recently, prominent political figures saw angry citizens vandalize their homes to protest their inability or unwillingness to give larger stimulus checks. This sort of thing can happen to a politician, a public figure, or a corporation.


You might think about robbery as being a step up from shoplifting. If you rob an individual or an establishment, you’ll see harsher penalties than if you tried to slip something into a pocket and sneak out of a store with it.

People usually commit robbery because they want money. They might have a drug addiction that they’re trying to feed, or they’re not able to find conventional work, so they feel desperate.

If the police catch you, you’ll probably face a multiple-year prison term, even for a first offense. It depends on whether you accept a plea deal or go to trial. It also depends on whether you tried to commit a strongarm robbery without a weapon or whether you brandished a gun or something equally dangerous.


Burglary is similar to robbery, but instead of confronting an individual on the street or sticking up a store, you snuck into someone’s home to try to pilfer some of their possessions. You might decide to burgle a property if you have drug issues, or you might be having a hard time holding down a traditional job.

The police generally do not regard burglary as being as bad as robbery unless it becomes obvious you wanted to harm someone in addition to taking their possessions. Still, if they catch you, a prison term is almost inevitable, unless you’re still a minor. If you are, you might get some time in a juvenile correctional facility.

Drug Abuse

If you try to purchase, sell, or use a Schedule 1 narcotic, that is a crime. Cocaine, methamphetamine, and MDMA are some Schedule 1 narcotics examples.

People sell drugs for money, but they may take them because of addiction. You also might not suffer from drug addiction, but you still like to indulge occasionally.  

Some people feel like more drugs should be legal and that addicts should get treatment rather than jail time. The prison system is full of nonviolent drug offenders.

If you’re thinking about committing any crime, in any situation and at any age, consider the possible ramifications carefully. It may seem like a good idea at the moment, but you can seriously mess your life up if the police catch you.

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