6 Ways You Can Save Money Designing Cards On Your Computer

Whether you’re inviting a person to attend your event, you just want to remind them that you remember them during the time of the day, or you just need to give someone your contact details, a great-looking card would surely go a long way.

When handing out cards, you need to make sure that they look great and professionally done as they can leave a remarkable impression on the receiving end.  While hiring a card creating service can be quite expensive, you can cut costs by designing cards independently. Listed below are the ways on how you can save money when you create cards on your computer.  

  1. For All Occasions 

Cards aren’t limited to invitations, but they can also handle special occasions, such as holidays, mother’s or father’s day, birthday, graduation. They can also come in the form of thank you or valentines day cards. You can design your card right from your computer screen and choose to have it printed or sent virtually.  

When designing your cards, you can choose to do it any time you want. Whether you’re feeling extra sweet or caring, you can easily create a card right away, without having to rush to a bookstore and look for the perfect card.  

If your friend is feeling sick and missed a day at work, or your mom is feeling extra happy for completing her baking class, a simple card would do wonders to make them feel special and lift their moods. 

  1. Save On Rush Fees 

When you need to have a card or invitation done within a short time, expect that companies will be charging you with a rush fee as they need to bump your request first to the regular payers. While having a rush service can be convenient, it can cost you a lot since it usually covers 20% to 50% of the total price.  

Moreover, having the ability to design your card and invitation right from your computer will give you the freedom to create a card anytime you want, without worrying about any rush fees. All you need to worry about is how you can make an excellent design that’ll surely be a hit with your invitees.  

  1. Avoid Customization Fees 

If you’re having a card customized, expect that you’ll be charged more than usual. Most companies only create standard looking cards; you can’t change the overall design or anything else. However, if the company doesn’t have your desired look in their catalog, anticipate being billed with customization fees.  

If you’re skilled with graphic design, you can easily create art of your own, making your card more personalized. This way, you’ll be saving a ton on customization fees. Plus, you don’t have to wait for the customization period as you can create one the same day you planned it.  

  1. Choose How To Send It 

When creating your cards, you have all the freedom in the world as to how you wish they could reach your invitees. If your guests are from a younger or modern generation, it would be best sending the invitations through e-mail so they can see them immediately. However, if you’re inviting older people who don’t know their way around the Internet, having the invitations printed out would be the best option.  

Additionally, if you’re hosting a formal event wherein your invitees need to feel that the event is unique and exclusive, having a printed invitation will surely bring the mood into place.  

Moreover, as you may want to have the invitations made, you might be too worried about the additional costs as you have to pay for the graphic design and layout. But, when you’re able to design the invitations on your own, all you need to worry about is where you can have them printed out.  

  1. Save Queue Time  

When you hire a company to create invitations for you, expect that you have to wait for a specific period of time to get them all done. With larger companies, anticipate that the invitation layout and design should be available within seven to 14 working days upon ordering as they’re occupied with orders and are handling revisions from different clients simultaneously.

To save yourself from the long waiting time, you can choose to design the invitations by yourself. In this way, you can immediately hop on to your computer and open your photo editing tool or use a free graphic design platform online and start creating your invitations. You’ll most likely be able to finish within the day. You can send them out for printing right away, saving you a lot of time and money.  

When you design cards and invitations on your own, you’ll be set free from a lengthy queue time. The time spent waiting can used for sending out the invitations to get a proper headcount of the confirmed attendees. It’ll help you avoid empty seats at your event, which could be a massive waste of money as you can give them to other potential attendees instead.  

When planning for an event, such as an engagement party, wedding, birthday, or product launch, make sure that you include all necessary information to avoid any further questions and save time planning for the big day instead.  

  1. Save On Professional Fees 

If you just need to have a simple invitation or card made for your event and you don’t require a glamorous or extravagant design as you’re going for a minimalist theme, designing your invitations on your own shouldn’t hurt. With a minimalist design, you don’t have to worry about creating a simple and plain layout when it perfectly fits the theme.  

A graphic designer would most likely charge you a professional fee, especially if you require intensive customization with your cards or invitations. However, with the vast number of resources on the Internet today, you can look for a template that fits best with the theme that you’re going for, which could help you save money. 


Designing cards on your own can be quite tricky, especially if you don’t have the keen eye of a graphic designer. But, with the latest technology today, you can effortlessly search for unique and free templates that you can use for your next event. Additionally, DIY has always been a great help when it comes to saving money, and it helps boost your creativity as well.

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