Coral Springs Medical Facilities Take Precautions During COVID-19

From new telehealth appointments to closing waiting rooms, medical facilities in Coral Springs are taking precautions to stop the spread.

While many businesses were forced to close, and many activities and events in Coral Springs canceled as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, most medical facilities have remained open and able to treat patients. With the ability to remain operational comes the responsibility to patients, employees, and the community to take extra precautions to stop the spread of the illness while maintaining a high level of care for those in need of treatment. Coral Springs medical facilities are rising to the occasion, providing high caliber care in a safe environment. 

There are many changes taking place in medical facilities to help protect patients and staff, from new appointment protocols to closed waiting rooms. Some facilities have reduced operating hours or are now seeing patients via telehealth and video conference for non-emergency situations. Others require all patrons and staff to wear masks while inside. With so much change in policy, it’s best to contact your medical office before your appointment so that you can best prepare for what to expect. Here are ways a few different types of doctor’s offices are taking action to stop the spread.

Medical Facilities in Coral Springs

Whether you need to see the dentist, your eye doctor, therapist, or your Coral Springs chiropractor, sometimes it can’t wait. For many individuals, routine care such as weekly chiropractic visits or therapy sessions contributes greatly to their overall wellness. In times of stress and uncertainty, like those we are currently facing, these routines become even more essential. 

Additionally, you don’t always have control over when you will need a new pair of glasses or when a cavity is going to pop up. While COVID-19 is forcing many businesses to shutter, medical facilities must remain available for the patients they treat. And they must do so safely. 

While some elective procedures and services temporarily came to a halt, other facilities have remained open for the entirety of the pandemic, exempt from the stay-at-home order issued several months back. 

How Medical Facilities Are Responding

There are many types of medical facilities in Coral Springs, and each is responding in its own way. Facilities such as psychiatric and therapist offices that routinely see patients in-person are making the switch to virtual appointments, offering patients the ability to continue receiving the care they need from the comfort and privacy of their own homes. 

Other facilities, including eye doctors, chiropractors, and general practitioners, are adopting new in-office procedures to keep patients safe. Some offices are temporarily closing their waiting rooms, requesting that patients who arrive early for appointments wait outside or in their cars until called in order to limit the number of individuals inside an office at any time. 

Some offices are seeing patients for emergencies only–with a portion of dental offices choosing to forgo appointments for routine cleanings and X-rays, instead only seeing those patients in immediate need of treatment. 

Additionally, offices are taking additional safety precautions once patients are inside. From increased cleaning and sanitation of communal areas and high-touch areas like countertops and door handles, to mask mandates and social distancing, doctors, staff, and patients are doing everything possible to ensure the wellbeing of others. You are likely to see more hand sanitization stations present in offices and some doctors are implementing pre-appointment health screenings prior to visiting with patients.

Health Screenings and Rescheduling Appointments

In addition to the on-site precautions many Coral Springs medical facilities are taking to curb the spread of COVID-19, patients may have to answer questionnaires and have their temperature taken upon arrival. Questions may include whether or not you have been experiencing symptoms such as a fever, shortness of breath, or cough within the past week. 

Additionally, staff may ask you if you have been traveling or if you have had contact with anyone either diagnosed with or suspected to have COVID-19. If you are exhibiting signs of illness, have a temperature, or have had close contact with a person known to have the illness, offices may ask you to return home and reschedule an appointment for 14 days later. 

Not only are many medical facilities health screening patients before they enter, but many are screening their employees, doctors, and office staff as well. Staff are also getting temperature checks before the start of their day at the office at some facilities and those who are exhibiting symptoms are being asked to remain home.

Helping  Coral Springs Medical Facilities Stay Safe

While doctors, office employees, and medical companies are doing all that they can to help contain the pandemic while still providing patients with the care they need, it is essential that patients do their part as well. It’s important to abide by your medical office’s policies and stay home if you are not feeling well. 

Frequent hand washing, both before and after your appointment, and maintaining social distancing whenever possible are essential. Ask about features such as contactless payment when you go into an office, minimizing activities such as passing credit cards back and forth. When possible, bring and use your own pen to sign paperwork or ask if there is paperwork you can complete digitally at home ahead of time. 

The Importance of Continuing Care

For many individuals, continuing their routine care is essential and stopping in-person doctor’s appointments isn’t a possibility. This is especially true for individuals who are seeking ongoing treatment such as chiropractic care to treat injuries or chronic conditions, as well as for patients who receive physical therapy, those who need routine bloodwork, and more. Staying on top of your health is imperative, particularly during a pandemic. 

For this reason, doctor’s offices and medical facilities in Coral Springs are taking every measure possible to ensure patient and staff safety without posing a disruption to care. If you have questions or concerns ahead of an upcoming appointment, contact your doctor’s office to ask about the precautions they are taking due to COVID-19 and find out what you can do ahead of time to prepare. Check your doctor’s website as well, as they may have more detailed information on cleaning procedures and policies that can help put your mind at ease.

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