Will Smith Admits On Instagram That He’s “In The Worst Shape Of My Life”

The mega star boasts an Instagram following of more than 52 million.

If there’s one thing you can count on from Will Smith, it’s a lil jokey joke! Will choose himself as the focus this time. The multi-talented actor shared a candid and revealing Instagram post about his physical appearance on Sunday. The post consists of a single photo of Will standing in the middle of the picture. There’s no way of knowing where he is. However, Will is surrounded by greenery, with a large tree, bright grass, and fallen leaves in the background. In the far right, upper corner, there’s also some sort of dock. Will’s right arm is swung upwards in a gesture-like way as if he’s in the middle of a sentence. With a captured half-open mouth, he has a humorous grin on his forehead. Will can be seen wearing all-black shorts and black closed-toe shoes. Under an unzipped blue, white, and black hoodie, he is also seen shirtless. “I’m gonna be real wit y’all – I’m in the worst shape of my life,” Will wrote as the caption. He appeared to be mocking his upper body, which appears to be less muscular than fans would expect. Although the difference isn’t significant, it’s obvious enough for Will to make this random observation. By late Monday night, the photo had made its rounds on social media and garnered a decent amount of media attention. About 55,000 comments and over four million likes had been left on the original post. Check out Will’s new look below: It’s not uncommon for Will to receive high engagement on his social media posts. The mega star boasts an Instagram following of more than 52 million, while only following 191 folks himself. Just last week, he reposted a side-by-side photo comparing a press photo of himself and a badly drawn version of the same photo. The photo’s caption jokingly asked people to send a message to get professional portraits done. Will captioned his repost saying “serious inquiries only.” That post garnered over one million likes and nearly 23,000 comments.

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