After A DoorDash Driver Included His Album In Food Deliveries, A Providence Rapper Has Gone Viral

Promoting his new album Rush World in more conventional ways.

DoorDash is well-known for using rap to promote its service, hiring Blackalicious MC Gift Of Gab, Hamilton star Daveed Diggs, and hip-hop queen Rapsody to record rhyme-laden television advertisements, but someone decided that the equation should actually work the other way around. Brendan Rush, a rapper from Providence, Rhode Island, has gone viral after a DoorDash driver apparently shared his music information with customers’ deliveries, leaving placards with his Spotify profile alongside the usual burgers and fries.

When a fan shared a photo of their Five Guys bag with the information card on Twitter, the post went viral in a matter of days, giving Rush a lot of publicity and even attracting attention from Spotify’s account, which called the plan “next-level brilliant.” However, it turns out that Rush was not the one who included the card in deliveries; the rapper confirmed in the thread, “I don’t do deliveries.” That means the true perpetrator is either a Rush fan or a friend who sincerely wants people to listen to the band’s music.

Rush himself retweeted the viral post on his own website, where he’s also considering a TikTok comeback and working on promoting his new album Rush World in more conventional ways. Meanwhile, whoever did drop off the Five Guys with Rush’s Spotify link may be the real MVP for not only bringing back the concept of a street team but also taking it to the next level.

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