The Starships promote black excellence with thier new release “Living Water”

Water is our pathway to survival

Many things come to mind when we think of water:  Rejuvenation, purification, and versatility, to name few.  Although it provides no color, calories, or organic nutrients, water plays a significant role in the world economy, and is vital for all known forms of life. No one is more of aware of this than Chicago music collective The Starships. This is why its no surprise that they didn’t hesitate to cleanse our ears with their new release “Living Water”.  Composed of Lizm Muzik Group members Danny Barz, Scott Damn, Nashoba and Sharmon Jarmon, the Starships aim to uplift, while generating enlightenment and permanent eargasms along the way. 

Outlined with the stellar production of Lord Haiti, “Living Water” is a celebration of black excellence. Focused on challenging the ways in which the industry portrays the black community, the accompanying video was filmed in Alabama on black-owned land, while embodying multiple dimensions of black success.

The video begins with melodic chanting from Danny Barz, which quickly transitions to Nashoba meditating. As Danny kicks off his verse, he explores his navigation through life, while his lyricism describes his experience as a never-ending, yet rewarding journey. The authenticity of Danny’s vocals truly captured the song’s central point:  That we are indeed living water. Nashoba then delivers his verse while describing the predominance of water in our daily lives, while Sharmon infuses dance with her silky vocals throughout the song.

Equipped with lyrical prowess, a captivating sonance, and overall appeal, the Starships exemplify the true definition of both black pride and black excellence. What are they cooking up next? Find out by visiting their social media platforms below:



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