On ‘Voice Of The Heroes,’ Lil Baby And Lil Durk Reflect On Their Paths To Success

The rappers recount stories of their rise to the top of the rap game and how they've become role models on the track.

Voice Of The Heroes, a new joint effort from Lil Baby and Lil Durk, was slated to drop last week. Instead, the album’s release was postponed, and for good reason: the artists wanted to honor DMX and his posthumous album Exodus, which was released just last week. The album is slated to drop this Friday, and the pair has already provided the title tune and a video for it.

The rappers recount stories of their rise to the top of the rap game and how they’ve become role models on the track. Durk, for example, emphasizes the necessity of looking after one’s family and children, rapping, “Take care of your family and them kids, ’cause I’m too big on family / F*ck them fast vehicles, before dat shawty’nem gon’ slide in Camrys.” “I showed all my n****s in the trenches it’s a better life,” Baby raps elsewhere. “Never get too big for me to listen, I’ll take your advice.”

Lil Baby previously said of the album, “We coming. Me and Durk dropping an album, fa sho. When it comes to that street sh*t, the streets is like, we the voices and the heroes of this sh*t. You know what I’m saying? Kids look at us like heroes. I know they look at me like one and [Lil] Durk, too. That n**** been holding it down for a minute.”

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