Britt Reid Pleads Not Guilty To A DWI Charge Stemming From A Car Accident That Left A Young Girl Critically Injured

During a field sobriety test, Britt showed obvious signs of impairment.

Britt Reid, a former Kansas City Chiefs assistant coach, was charged with driving while intoxicated–serious bodily injury in April. Britt’s alleged inebriation during Super Bowl weekend resulted in a car accident in which five-year-old Ariel Young was badly injured. According to CBS, Britt submitted a not guilty plea for the accident on Monday. Britt slammed his Dodge Ram pickup into two cars “on an entry ramp near Arrowhead Stadium” in Kansas City, Missouri, according to reports. Ariel was left with a “life-threatening brain injury, a skull fracture, and subdural hematomas” as a result.

She was released from the hospital in early April, but she couldn’t talk, walk, or eat by herself. Ariel’s lawyer, Tom Porto, believes the small girl will have “permanent brain damage” for the rest of her life. Britt was allegedly traveling at 84 mph when the collision occurred. According to CBS, two hours after the collision, he was found to have a blood alcohol level of 0.113. Britt is accused of “criminal carelessness by driving at an excessive rate of speed,” according to the criminal complaint. He might face a term of one to seven years in prison if convicted on the offence. Britt has been permitted to resume driving with restrictions, according to CBS.

According to CBS, the judge in Britt’s case has given him permission to resume driving with restrictions. One of these limits is that he must pass a Breathalyzer-style test every time he drives. A negative test deactivates an interlock device, allowing him to start his car. Despite Britt’s claimed state during the incident and a history of aggression and drunk driving, this limited driving was allowed. Britt revealed to an officer on the scene that he had had “two to three” drinks and that he took the prescription medicine adderall at the time of the incident. Britt’s bloodshot red eyes and the scent of alcohol were also noted by the officer.

During a field sobriety test, Britt showed obvious signs of impairment. According to CBS, within one year Britt pleaded guilty to two charges involving drugs, violence, and a DUI. In 2007, he pled guilty to unlicensed gun and drug charges after a road-rage incident. That same year he pled guilty to a separate case involving a DUI and more drug charges.

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