Attack the Sound keeps the summer sizzling with their new single, “People Make Love”

“Now time runs, From night to day / Girl come with me, So I can hold you close / And then all you’ll hear, From ear to ear, Is whispers / Sweet whispers in the dark”

Just when we thought that mood-setting R&B was dead, Attack the Sound arrives to save the day!

Led by sultry singer Davo Sounds, the eight-piece, Chicago based ensemble aims to set the summer ablaze with their erotic new single, “People Make Love”.  Making love requires more than sharing our bodies. It is a complex interpretation of love which allows us to transmit it non-verbally. The feelings that transpire are often an enchantment that words could never describe. With its seductive, somnolent groove, the song encourages listeners to show their appreciation for life by, you’ve guessed it, making love. Flanked by an array of attractive women, the accompanying video features Davo Sounds in a delightful portrayal of a Hugh Hefner type, as he and his band mates sing, dance, and party the hours away, conveying the importance of lovemaking and having a zest for life overall.

On the heels of their performances on Chicago’s Windy City LIVE and WGN TV, the hip ensemble also opened for popular rapper Taylor Bennett. In a time when music genres seem to change daily, Attack the Sound recaptures that rhythmic R&B nostalgia that we’ve been desperately missing. Where will they be spreading their smooth vibes next? Check their social media outlets below:

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