The National Security Agency (NSA) Officially Denied Spying On Tucker Carlson, But It Didn’t Convince Him

It's evident that not even the National Security Agency (NSA) wants to keep an eye on Tucker.

Even though Tucker Carlson is no new to making absurd statements, the one he made on Monday night’s broadcast felt out of the ordinary. The Fox News anchor made an odd claim while re-airing his Swiss cheese assertions about the FBI spearheading the Jan. 6 insurgency: He claimed to have conclusive proof that the National Security Agency was spying on him. Few believed it, and his news network never mentioned it again, despite the fact that it would be huge if true. It also seemed implausible that the National Security Agency would respond in any manner if someone, even Tucker Carlson, questioned if they were spying on him. Nonetheless! That is precisely what occurred.

The NSA took time away from investigating national security issues to publicly inform a man who frequently laughs strangely that, no, they had better things to do. They wrote on their social media account, “This allegation is untrue.” They then explained what they do in their spare time (when they aren’t debunking TV celebrities who used to wear bowties in public). “We target foreign nations in order to gather intelligence on foreign operations that could hurt the US. NSA may not target a US citizen without a court order that clearly permits the targeting, with a few exceptions (e.g., an emergency).

Tucker Carlson was a humble man, wasn’t he? It didn’t work. On Tuesday’s show, he went after the federal agency once again, calling their reaction “an infuriatingly dishonest official statement” and “an entire paragraph of lies prepared just for the advantage of the intelligence community’s lackeys at CNN and MSNBC.”

“The message was clear, we can do whatever we want,” Carlson exclaimed, though the message was definitely clear in a way he didn’t mean. He added, “Orwellian does not begin to describe the experience, it is like living in China.”

How long will this go on for? Or will Tucker do what he always does and make a weird remark that doubles as red meat for his base, then move on to greener pastures and never address it again? Whatever the reason may be, it’s evident that not even the National Security Agency (NSA) wants to keep an eye on Tucker.

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