Lil Uzi Allegedly Assaulted Brittany Byrd Earlier Today, And Brittany’s Manager Confirms She Is In The Hospital

Brittany isn't the only person to speak out against mistreatment.

More information about the confrontation between rappers SAINt JHN and Lil Uzi Vert appears to have surfaced. According to TMZ, SAINt was with Uzi’s ex-girlfriend Brittany Byrd at a Cafe in West Hollywood when Uzi allegedly stepped out of a Cadillac Escalade and approached him, and things allegedly turned physical. Brianna, Brittany’s manager, spoke with TSR exclusively to clear the air about what transpired earlier today.

Despite speculations on the internet, she stated that Brittany is not dating SAINt and that the two are merely working together. The two were photographed out and about in Los Angeles earlier this year, in March. Before the incident, Brittany was having a business meeting with SAINt and director Jeymes Samuel when Uzi jumped out of the car and confronted her, not SAINt, according to Brianna. Uzi began violently abusing Brittany, according to Brianna. Her manager allegedly threatened her with a revolver and aimed it at her chest, according to her. After that, he allegedly repeatedly hit her in the face before fleeing to his car.

Brianna verifies that Uzi and SAINt did not fight during this incident. She told us that Brittany was the only one who had been assaulted and that it was absurd that domestic violence against Black women be downplayed. Brittany has had no touch with Uzi in several months, according to Brianna. Brianna explained, “Brittany has been trying to focus on her life and job.” When we asked Brianna how Uzi discovered Brittany’s whereabouts, she said that he had been stalking her. “Since they broke up, Uzi has been stalking Brittany. Uzi is a noxious substance that is both mentally and physically damaging. He’s been doing it for a long time.”

Brittany isn’t the only person to speak out against mistreatment. As we previously reported in May, Brittany appeared to call out Uzi’s current girlfriend, JT, in an Instagram video, implying that he was abusive towards her. Brianna is unable to confirm whether Brittany has filed charges against Uzi for the assault at this time, however she did inform Brianna that Brittany is now being examined in the hospital.

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