AOC Had A Great Response To Lauren Boebert’s Bizarre Rant Against Government Benefits

If you’re one of Boebert’s constituents, remember: She doesn’t think she should help you.

Lauren Boebert’s act is similar to Sarah Palin’s on steroids. Even the previous governor of Alaska wouldn’t go as far as Colorado’s representative, a restauranteur who operates a steakhouse with an open-carry policy (just in case) turned Trumpist politician. Her personality shone brightly at the CPAC conference in Dallas this weekend. It offered Boebert the opportunity to give a weird rant against government handouts, which had already been the setting of a failed Don Jr. comic piece.

Strutting the stage like an open mic night for amateur comedians, Boebert portrayed an image of a government that would do nothing but pay someone like her a rock star salary. For whatever reason, she raged, “We’re here to tell the government we don’t want your benefits, we don’t want your assistance.” “Don’t come banging on my door with your Fauci ouchy; you should leave us alone.”

In a better world, a politician who threatens to deprive people — including veterans — of government help would lose all but her most adoring supporters. (At the very least, the “Fauci ouchy” statement should cost her re-election.) But, for now, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a fellow lawmaker, gave it a decent rebuttal, which is something.

“Say it loud and clear, girl!” AOC expressed herself on Twitter. “The GOP will eliminate your unemployment benefits and remove any remaining public safety net! Then have low-wage workers pay far more for everything, while Wall Street gets a free meal!” She added, “Good ol conservative values baby!”

So if you’re one of Boebert’s constituents, remember: She doesn’t think she should help you. But she does think you should pay her government salary, and the benefits she claims she doesn’t want, to do not much at all.

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