The Most Popular Games of 2021

Gaming has always been incredibly popular and in recent years it is even more so due to the fact a global pandemic has held social engagements hostage. The ability to play with friends and organize tournaments from the comfort of our own homes saw a rise in the popularity of gaming throughout 2020 and at the beginning of 2021. So, with that in mind, what have been some of the most popular games of this year so far? 

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 

This game is filled with action and adventure, which is why so many people have taken to playing it recently. It originally came out in November of 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and only continues to be played but a multitude of people. The game takes place within the Star Wars universe (naturally) and follows the story of a Jedi Padawan as he tries to finish his training. This game, with its enriching story, fantastic graphics and smooth gameplay, is one of the fastest-selling digital launches that any Star Wars game has ever done. 

Online Gambling Games 

Throughout lockdown, lots of people took to using the internet to play online gambling and this is reflected in the popularity of such sites. Places like Gamble Online offer users access to some of the top mobile casino apps and sites so that they can play all of their favorite games either for cash or for free. This entertainment is being embraced more as the recent Poker World series was played remotely, too. There is such a variety of different apps to use with different stakes attached that there is an online game for everybody.

Super Smash Bros 

One of the most chaotic and character filled games ever made, Super Smash Bros uses players from all over the Nintendo universe and pits them against each other in a series of battles. With game sizes varying from two players to double figures, this game can be as technical or crazy as you want it to be, hence the 16 million copies it has sold worldwide. 


Yes, Fortnite continues its reign as being one of the most downloaded and played games across the world. Developed by Epic Games and originally released in 2017, this open mapped shooter has three different settings, including: Battle Royale, Save the World and Creative. This allows people to play with their friends, on their own or with people from around the world. 

Rocket League 

Football in cars. What else is there to say? Rocket League is played by so many people because it’s fun, has great multiplayer options and allows for lots of creativity in design and gameplay. Rocket League is also constantly adding updates such as new arenas, new designs and types of game, so players never get bored of the same old aspects whenever they log on. With new seasons constantly happening and new prizes to win for those who rank highly, it’s no surprise gamers across the world continue to visit this game to better their skills. 

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