42 Dugg Apologizes For His Homophobic Outburst

Even when I am outraged, it is never my purpose to offend anyone, so please accept my apologies.

42 Dugg posted a video of him and his son on Friday, which he described as “affectionate.” The rapper can be seen kissing and licking his son around the neck and shoulder area in the video, which many people thought was improper for a toddler. He then learned of the bad reaction and responded with a homophobic remark.

“Quit tryna shove that sh*t down n****s throats,” he wrote. “Ah gay n**** ah be on national tv tonguing down another h*e ass n****, but that’s ok though. Y’all or no motherfucker on earth ain’t finna make me like sh*t ion like and if y’all don’t like me f*ck y’all get wit me. Keep my son out y’all mouth flat out.”
42 Dugg responded the next day, apologizing for his rude statement.

Even when I am outraged, it is never my purpose to offend anyone, so please accept my apologies. People usually tell me I need to take more images or let my fans see something about me other than music since I’m a pretty private guy when it comes to personal sh*t like my son or my family in general. That’s what I named myself yesterday. Because my son’s birthday was over the weekend, I decided to show you how much fun we had.

You should know that the photos and videos of my son that I posted were not intended for public consumption. We were being ourselves at the time. So for you to take it and turn it into something else simply reminded me of why I kept my family secret. I’m not going to show this s*it to my son or anyone else in my family. That privilege has been taken away from you. This is for the sole purpose of promoting my music, and that is exactly what I want to do with it. That’s it.

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