Where to Find Holiday Decorations for Any Season

An easy way to refresh your home each season without spending a lot is to change your home décor. However, be careful not to overdo it. Choose a few areas in each room that you can decorate based on the season. Not sure how to transition your décor from season to season? Here are some tips to get you started as you go searching for seasonal decorations near me.

First, choose some areas where you can easily switch out décor, such as:

  • Dining room table
  • Couch throw pillows
  • Living room mantle
  • Front door décor
  • Over the kitchen cabinets
  • Window sill & curtains
  • Bedroom sheets blankets

Then mix seasonal elements with items you already have: a bowl of seashells for summer or a lantern filled with pumpkins for Halloween. For spring, try a bird’s nest and some flowers on top of a cake plate or in a pretty bowl. Add some seasonal color. That bird’s nest? Put it in a robin’s egg bowl to really get a hint of spring color. Throw pillows with seasonal colors or themes are a tried-and-true way to reflect the season in your décor.

Décor items to change each season:

  • Pillows: use pillow covers rather than actual pillows to save on storage.
  • Wreaths: they can be as simple or as fancy as you like.
  • Words: find a seasonal saying and use a chalkboard that can easily be changed out.
  • Containers: the contents of glass containers can be easily switched with the season; baskets, boxes, and potter bowls are also good options.
  • Natural Elements: use acorns, leaves, feathers, pinecones, and other natural elements of the season.
  • Candles: perfect for any season, choose colors and scents that match your décor.

Add Color to Your Bedroom for a Spring Refresh

Now that we have the foundation let’s take a look at some ways to bring a little springtime into your bedroom. Flowers and fresh scents will give your bedroom a clean and airy feel. A large vase of flowers – dried silk ones will last all season long. Dress them up with some decorative mesh and ribbons.

If you can, change your bedding to something more in tune with the season. A soothing pastel or a pretty pastel print are good choices for spring. You put away your heavy winter coat, why not change out your comforter and bedding to match the season?

A fun way to dress up your bedroom for spring is to use an accent color you don’t usually use, but that goes with your current color palette. If your spring comforter has purple or yellow, pick one of those to use around the room. Use the color you’ve chosen in floral arrangements, a vase, or a decorative ceramic bowl. Think outside the box and place a ceramic garden stool next to a chair in your bedroom. Mix and match pillows on your bed in a variety of floral patterns that feature your accent color. You can even mix in some stripes, as long as they follow the same colorway.

A great place to style for spring is your bedside table. Use some books as risers and place a sweet little pitcher or vase on top. Add any collectibles you have that you love, they will automatically go together and bring a bit of personal charm to the space.

Outdoor Furniture & Pillows to Brighten Any Summer

As spring moves into summer, it’s time to think about decorating your outdoor spaces. Before you know it, you’ll be planning outdoor soirees and afternoon get-togethers. And as you do this, you’ll be looking around your patio and thinking it may need some attention. By using classic design elements and keeping things simple, you can refresh your outdoor space without spending a lot of time and money.

Add some natural warmth to your patio with plenty of plants. Use simple terracotta pots for a classic feel, they come in many sizes to make a grouping of 3-5 plants of different heights and sizes. You can even find terracotta pots in hangers to bring the focus up. Or pop your plants in a basket, and you’ve got instant rustic décor for your patio.

Ratan and wicker are hot right now and perfect for outdoor areas. Rattan baskets and plant stands add texture and contrast to any space. And by using rattan, you can bring in texture and add visual interest without cluttering up the space. The natural color of rattan goes with any color palette.

Since you are decorating the outdoors, use materials that age naturally, and look good while they do it. Terracotta pots bring a beautiful earthiness to any space as they age gracefully. Their warm rust colors go well with weathered wood and rocks commonly found outdoors.

Cozy-up Your Home with Autumn Colors

Halloween begins the holiday season, and after that, time tends to pass in a blur until suddenly it is January. Think of your autumn decor as a precursor to the busy winter holidays and make it easy on yourself by creating displays that you can easily swap out a few items when it is time for winter decor.

A centerpiece with pinecones and pumpkins, acorns, and autumn leaves will last through the Thanksgiving holiday. The spicy colors, such as cinnamon and nutmeg, go well with the orange pumpkins. Add some decorative multi-colored corn for a little extra flair.

Decorate your mantle with fall leaves, acorns, pinecones, and pillar candlesticks, or hurricane candle holders with orange pumpkin spice candles. The warm, spicy scent will make your home smell like autumn and Thanksgiving baked goods.

Make a coffee tablescape that mirrors your dining room centerpiece for continuity throughout your home. This is especially important in open concept homes with a clear sightline through the kitchen, dining room, and living room. Dress up your couch with throw pillows with chunky knit textures and warm autumn colors.

Holiday Décor That Works All Winter Long

As the winter holidays roll around, add some silver or gold accents to the pinecones for a festive winter feel. White poinsettias make a chic centerpiece when matched with pinecones and silver stars. If you like something more colorful, use red poinsettias.

Switch out the candles on the mantle with silver or white and add some seasonal greenery and other items that reflect the season, such as snowflake ornaments, silver stars, and miniature potted firs. Decorate the miniature firs with garland and small ornaments, add any other sentimental decorations you may have that bring holiday warmth to your heart.

As the winter holidays approach, bring out your holiday-themed pillows. The holidays are all about shimmer and shine, so add some silver, gold, or red pillows in fabrics with a little bit of shine or embellishment. Keep the space warm and cozy with a coordinating throw.

Now that you’ve got your plan, you’re ready to go. Make a list of what you need and start looking for season décor near you. You’ll be surprised how much you can find to inspire your seasonal decor.

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